Sunday, September 24, 2006

Recess Week has started so at least has abit of time to start blogging ..... the recess week started off with a shack but fun saturday....I have tennis in the morining...After which went to Ecp to coach up chengcai and joanne as they just started off with skating recently .... Then went off to esplande where everyone gather together to go for our maiden urban skate for the whole workyear ....This is a joint event together with SGskater .. BUt as seen from the photo , our groups of people is already so large liaoz ..SO what is the total number of people ?? I dun know hehe .... This whole session last till 11.30 pm ... Everyone left after that cos they might be tired .... Then went off for second round with luke, dawei and Eileen ... Went for our super at Orchard food court- Had a plate of chicken rice haha ....Then we started to skate all the way from orchard down to bukit timah to eileen house to sent her back home first ....Then we skated from her house to esplanade to get my car then i drove luke and dawei back home. It has been a long time since i last skated so long distance ... The next one will be this coming wednesday where we will have our mid night skate .... I spent my whole sunday sleeping hehe ..All the way to 5.30 pm sunday then i woke up.... Guess i am too shack from the skate session ..... Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 24, 2006

Tioman Trip 15-17 july Day 2-3

Wake up and take a stroll down the low tide beach ......

Then went for breakfast buffet hahah ... It has been long since i eat buffet for 1 whole day to 2 consequtively since i last went cruise when i was 16 hehe...The food that was crowded with flies and we have to fan the food while eating hahah .....

Took a group photo before proceeding for our water sport snokeling at other part of the island ....

The snokling was fun but not much to see too in the sea ...except there are lots of fish ..... This activity took up the whole half day ... and when back from there we go for lunch then move off for our jungle trail ...

AFter that all of us take turn to wash up and then went outside and sit back to enjoy the sunset

Then went for dinner and go back room ZZZZZzzzzzzz...

The next morning i went for a swim at their swimming pool whereas some of them went snokling and some stay in room to sleep .... ANd we move off from there back to singapore at 12pm ..Reach Singapore at 6pm hahaha..... And have our dinner at newton hawker centre and then home sweet home hehe ...

Friday, July 21, 2006

Tioman Trip 15-17 july Day 1

WOrz.... Never had i been so Rush in a oversea trip.. WOke up at 6.45 by a phone call ..."WHere are U" Said andy .. My reaction back is "Ohh" Gosh i had overslept.. I am suppose to meet them at scott road DFS at orchard road at 6.30 am and here i was at my own bed room at 6.45 am ... I quickly calm my self down ,telling myself that the worst is i miss the trip only ... Nothing worst will come.... So i calmly wash up and lucky my brother was kind enough to drive me over to woodland cause way to rally with them .. The rallying process was also very rush it was like i had to run up the pathway to the causeway to meet them ....Any way to cut it short , i manage to get to them and continue the trip .

A relief look on the bus .
The trip over to tioman was long and tiring .. Both was the bus ride and boat ride ... The bus ride was basically sleeping .. The boat ride was better as in there half episode of pirate of carribean to watch ...Reach there at around 2-3 pm ..

A group photo at the island ..
We go for meal after booking in ... Then after the meal we went to walk their small jungle path towards a mini waterfall known as "Rock Fall" and u can see me as a river Boy haha ..

After the mini jungle trip , me and luke go change to our beach boy gear to go to take a look at the underwater world ... The rest andy ,karen and regina give it a pass as they find it to bothersome to try it on that evening..

Over at the sea, we saw nemo and many others little fish but the underwater view is just nice .. should have buy under water camera ...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

WC update...

Hmmm...I am not aware that my Blog is so poupular that it can cause such a Woo-Ha....ANy way thought of writing a bit more for the sake of my "Fen SI" (Afriendofafriend) ,but from JC my GP always score badly so i dun think i have the ability to use the right word or make any point clear ..SO i guess i just put a full stop here .
Read thru frienz blog and find Vincent ( my tennis kakhis) recent blog quite meaningful ..... If u have time,go take a look , it might inspire u -
WC updates...Italy the world cup which mean my prediction is correct ...CClap CLaps hahah .... But in totally my bet on this world cup have not earn me much .... WHich mean no win no lose ... I have been losing from the starting of the game ... Started winning only during france vs brazil game ... But lost in the portugal vs Germany game ... But lucky to get back in the italy vs france game ..... SO my advise to ppl out there , dun think gambling can win u a fortune ..SO stop gambling and step on some hard ground(jiao ta shi di )...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Progress Report

It has been a few days and the hair of ronaldinhno is finally out hahha ...So what hair style should i give him ???
Hmmm England lost yesterday cos they are one man down - Rooney out and Beckham did not play the whole game ....Guess i have to pick another World cup winning team ..So now my guess will be italy win germany and france win portugal ..Then Italy beat France on the final match and win the world cup....

Friday, June 30, 2006

Price-CHange Day

Yesterday was a long working day as it is the last day of the month ...Beside meeting the daily sales target we have to change the price of the product to the next month.Therefore it is quite a challenging one.. Beside that we have to stay back in the shop to wait for the contractor to come and do up the condola booth.. Many of the staff complain abt the long tiring day they are going thru which is worsen by the extra time that they need to come up to wait for thge contractor to come... But i am wondering why complain .... If this is tough ?? Then isnt army tougher with all those guard duty ?? So what u guys have to say ???

Yesterday was vincent last day over at DFS so took photo with him ...Actually yesterday suppose to be my last day too but then i stay with them for another 15 days as too paisei to quit so soon .....

This was my shifu from DFS ..She teaches me for 2 days and i was left to pick up the skill myself ... SHe is very good in sales and possess both initiative and creativity but at times a bit too lazy ...Ops ..... ALways talk rubblish when there is no customer but a very helpful one when u dun know how to do some stuff ... But once u know , she dun bother to help u hahahha .... ANy way all the best in ur DFS stay ....
The matches yesterday and this morning ....
Germany and argentina draw and germany won in penalty kick ... Italy won ukaraine in a 3-0 match ...
Today the fight between England and portugal ---- Brazzil and France...Will my favorite team-england win ??? WIll Fance repeat the history in 1998 and beat Brazil ???
My prediction...England and France win the quater final... Then in semi final Italy beat Germany and England beat France ... Then Final ,England acclaim the world CUp 2006 And Beckham leave the team with Proudness...HAHAHA Hopefully this is true cos then my pocket will have a few more cents.....

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Guess who is this ???? Look carefully at the name??? This was given by one of my friend when she went oversea hahah .... It was the in its initiate state before anything could happen to it ... I am suppose to water the head and sunshine the head to let the hair grow on its head... Dun know whether it really work or not ...let wait in a few days to see what will happen....... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Finally ......

I has been learning a bit of actoring skill recently and i was complaining to myself that my life was too dry and there isn't much emotion expression that i can learn thru my life ..But then yesterday then i found out that my life (this period) has been a bit of dramatic ..... The gal that i like actual fall for my friend, and it was so stunning when i first see them together that i dun know what kind of reaction that i should bring out except just walk off like nothing actually happened ..... I always thought that all this scene can only be seen from the drama but in fact it do happen and i guess it not only happened to me but to some of the people out there .... So what can i do ??? Guess all i can do is remember those kind of feeling so that i can bring it out again if i wished to pursue acting in the long run .....What was ironical is that i had prepare a bday ecard for her( cos when sch start might not have time to do it )and it was when i finished it then i know the fact..... Guess it wont be appropriate for me to give to her but i dun want my effort to go to a waste so will sent to her when the bday come by ....Any way the card only hold the theme of friendship .......My best wishes to "Them" ....
I was feeling down after that dramatic turnout but i do not have time to cry over it as i have to report to work immediately ..... While working i wasnt't in my best turnout all the way until the night when the youngster over there brought up some interesting topic by discussing the world is only then that i started smiling again ....Hahah they really make my day .... Thanks to u all ..Geng yuan and jansie ..... Hmmm ... Sometime i dun really know how to define friend .... Some long time friend might just back stab u from the back whereas some new found friend may treat u so good that they are long time friend ... Guess "friend" this word might have lotsa of meaning in it ...hahah ....So when one person pass away , how many these friend will be present .do those friend that turnout really the true friend ????hahah guess these have reach the step of philosophy ..... i might be talking a bit of nonsence liaoz ...ANyway brazil beat ghana 3-0 and go into the final and now is the match between spain and france .... Guess will not watch the match liaoz ...tmr i still need to go to work .......

Monday, June 26, 2006

It has been a long time since i last blog ...... Have been caught up with too many things .... I am currently working on some mini video clip project ......One for NUSSC and the other for frienz birthday ecard ...... More over the world cup things is driving everyone crazy including me hahah ..... And i am working for DFS now which take up most of my time earning just a few bucks a day hahah ....Over there i work as a sales associates selling liquor ,xo,whiskey and cigarette .. I dun smoke or drink therefore it is rather difficult to start off with cos need to know the various brand like chival regal ,jhonny walker ,remy martin ,martell ,camus ,hennesy.....Yesterday i sold one bottle of Louis XIII and it is the most expensive bottle i sold to date ..I dun think i have another chance of selling it again.....This bottle as seen on the picture cost around S$1700 .... This kind of selling dun come often hahah ..DUn think will ever get a chance to taste such a expensive XO hahah ... K going to work ... ENjoy to all those reading these and take care.... Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 26, 2006

Result out .... WHat a unexpected turn out .... i expect at least some A but there isnt any ...GUess my capability in studying is just around the B bands ...... MS fall out of my expectation- i was hoping for a A- but ..... Biz com was within my expectation due to the project and this have to give thanks to my group mate hehe ... Corporate finance within expectation- B+ will be fine ..... International financial management worz i didnt even make it up to B guess all my late night mugging the project effort is gone .... Probability which i want at least a A as i have like 10 days to study moreover my mid term did very well .....Hai ya ..... That is it liaoz ...My cap score raise by 0.01 so guess i am very far away from 2nd upper ......and might not even have 2nd lower ..... so should i go for honour years ??? THink ....Think .... Think ......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Weeee ..... Exam finally over ......Guess i need to give a brief summary abt what i have being thru .. I try to use good english this time round ..... First paper ( Corporate finance ) My mid term score ard the highest band but unfortunately my individual project + group project isnt very good .Moreover , i didnt manage to correctly ans all the qns in the final paper .The grade i guess i will get for this module is around B or B+ .If i am lucky , i might get A- hehe...... Paper No 2 (international finanacial management) .. Hmm for this paper , i doesnt have much time studying for it as i need to rush for its project ;having the deadline on the final exam date .. and i also spent time playing kindom hearts 2 and went shopping with frienz to get clothes .. Even tho my project was good but my midterm was a disaster -Guess it is towards the lower band .... I guess my score fall between B or B+ .... 3rd module ( biz communication) This module involve english so i do not have much confidence in the first place .. I only can pin on hope that my project and my effort can balance off my weakness in the language .My expectation for this module is either B- or B ...Just dun give me Cand i am happy with it ....Fourth module ( Management science ) , this is one of the module which i am confident in , i score pretty well for mid term but final wasnt really very good ,make a few mistake here and there so guess myA+ is gone .Expectation for this is either A- or A .... Last module (probability) i have almost 10 days to study for this module but unfortunately i lost the spirit to study halfway .Guess after JC ,my talent in Math has diminished alot . I dun feel like praticing tough qns as compare to JC times .... There fore during final exam i wasnt able to do the tough qns , guess almost 18/60 marks is gone .... But luckily my mid term was good .. My expectation for this module will be either B+ or A- ......Btw no picture regarding the exam was found so insert this picture where my dance classes took a group photo ........  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 27, 2006

hmmm ...worz cool naruto character test link - haha done the test and i am sasuke ....hehe ....plainly done once only .....hehe Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Heloz everybody .... It has been a long time since i last blog... Anyway my last paper is on 2 May and it seem that i have quite some time to study before exam start ... I was studying comfortably on my bed then suddenly felt bored and go online to look at others blog... Found this link and try it ....And guess what the personality test tell me i am ORIHIME hehe ..... Maybe someone can tell me where is the Naruto personality test hehe ....Any way here the link -------
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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

HAhaha ..Me in formal ..... Have Biz com presentation last fri . ANd it was a relief after the presentation .. Guess i can never make a good presenter in ENglish .... Even tho i am able to talk confidently but i know there is a huge problem with my language ... But lucky i can lift the atmosphere ,covering my weak area hahaha....Hmmm K all the best for ppl reading this ... i go mug liaoz .... hehe Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Wahz .... This is a super duper busy period.. Lots of project to rush and submit .Finally completed all the project and home work for corporate finance module.There fore able to spare some time for my Blog spot .I have not been doing much admendment to my blog so since my birthday just over . Guess will make a new Outlook to my blog ..

Went over to cartel for dinner on monday with my NUSSC frienz - Andy , Anni ,XInni ,Adrain and Regina.They are kind enough to spare some times even in this period of tough times..Greatly Appreciated.. After dinner went for KTV at Kster in Chinatown with them ... Have been Digging is school work recently and it is likes year since i last SIng "K" There fore enjoy totally ..

Received this bear from my NUSSC frienz ..Oh gosh ..why do guys need bear hhaha any way Thanks alot haha ... Guess it always great to receive something ...
Came home in the early morning 2am and still have to rush for Finance home work 3 which i ended up sleeping at 4pm....Wake up at 9am to go to school to meet frienz for Biz comm discussion ...

Wheels and bearing ..Wahz now i no need to get all this when my skate wheel is damage ..haha ..This was given by My biz ad frienz Yunkai , Dawn , Stara , Lydia , JiaWei ,James,Derrick ,Vincent and ANdy.Thank All for the wonderful gift ..
Received greeting from my long losr penpal- renee ..haha U still remember my bday ah ....Thank alot dude and happy bday to u too in a few days time hahah...
My Tpjc frienz ,cui yun,yuansheng and siying also sent some greeting wishing me happy bday ..Thanks all ....hehe .....
Saw my tennis buddy over at canteen and told him abt my bday , and to my surprised ,he got me a small piece of cake with candle on it ...Thank Pal ,greatly appreciated ...

This Cap was given by my sister..haha ..must give thanks to her too if not later she will nag at me ....
Thanks Everyone once again ...hehe hope u all will have a good time ahead of u and all the best for exam and work ....hehe ...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hmmm ....Its has been long since i blog .... I was caught up with all the university project , test and moreover is starting a NUSSC blog with my frienz andy .So to those interested on skating please tune in to the blog - It been a long time since i pushed my self onward base on studies .... but sometimes isnt as good as it seem to be . there will always be stuff that come back to u nw and then .... And with so much failure - not being able to do well in project and unable to clinch a interview for interm .. Life get worst ... But to me , after watching the motivating tennis show , every sat tennis section seem to be the only event that push me on , as i went all the way to Ntu to join vincent , zhikai , wen chao , desmond and shalec just for a few hour of tennis games ..... Beside tennis , skating which my interest level have drop intensely is started to grow abit due to the continuous urban skating session but guess if the member retention rate continue to get low , my interest wont substain long enough to motivate me ...hehe ...any way the picture was taken recently on a night urban to sentosa ... Hahah ... first time leading people without map around singapore ....... But too bad , there was injury to one of them , if not the trip will be super great ..... Guess i will stop here , and dunno when will be my next blog update ?? i also wonder ... maybe when life isnt that motivating and sad things come around .... But i hope not ... i hope there will be good things for me to blog .....Bye and all the best to whoever is reading this .......... Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 30, 2006

carry on from last part ... guess after so long of not posting any thing ... my hand turn itchy and wanted to type out some stuff... Haha ...Aya ueto looks very KAWAII-Cute ..... In the tennis out fit ... Have been follow up with her latest news ever since she star in the Attack No one vollet ball show and now her latest drama series is abt tennis ... hehe ... Guess after andy lau, will be her as my second idol hehe ...... Any way she is only 20 now .. and she has a large group of fan ... Is she amazing .?? K will blog till here ... See ya all and wish all of u all to have a HAppy CHinese New Year and to those small little kids "Kuai Gao zhan da" And for all student " XUe ye Jin BU" and for the working adult " Cai yuan guan jin" ... And to all ah Ma and Ah Gong" sheng ti jian kang " And Cheers and go to listen to andy lau "Gong XI FA Cai" song ..... Posted by Picasa

Hahah ...carry on from last blog post after finishing my Game,started to watch the first episode of "Ace wo Nerae" Acted by Aya Ueto My female idol hehe .... WOhz.... a Drama series from a conversion from anime ... But nevertheless ,have been trying to polish up my tennis skill and watching the show is a real motivation ..... Hehe  Posted by Picasa

Happy CHinese New year to all... Wohz CNY is a time where student can either do some catching up or slack behind more... i belong to the latter this time round ... Have been playing game(dynasty warrior 5) the whole day long till 5 am from chu XI (after having reuion dinner) then sleep for 5-6 hr before waking to go "Pai NIan " THis year round parent lost 1000 + on Black jack to relative This mean that we are less rich by 1000 + dollar sad... sad... Any way back to the slacking part ... went home on chi xi at around 10pm and start playing again till 5 am the next day and slep for 4-5 hr and carry on playing for a few hour before leaving for a movie(fearless) with parent .. Then came back at 10pm and started to play again until 11-12 + where i finally completed the game .... Worz it has been a period of game chionging ..ONly if i can study like how i play game ... Then my CAP point will be 4 and above hehe...  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Home work Homework...

Woh .... Biz comm module... Before the class starts there is already Home work to do -That is to discuss on the topics on Communication and Autonomous Learning ..Done one on Communication but not the other

And after writing out my comment i guess i can put it in my blogs for everyone to see ...hehe

How would you define successful communication?

Personally, I think that communication is successful only when parties involves in the communication understand the information being transfer among each others. If only part of the information is pass on, then the communication process has failed.

What do you think are some of the principles one must follow in order to ensure the success of one’s communication with others?

I think that for there to be successful communication, it involves high concentration on each and everyone involves in the conversation. Concentration in terms of ,Eyes – Must not be looking around while having conversation ,Ears – Must be listening at all times when some one is giving comment, Mouth – the way the person speak must not be very different from the others.

What is business communication?

Business communication is a formal communication

How do you perceive business communication as similar or different from communication in general?

Similarities: Both involves transfer of information

Differences: Parties involves in the communication is different.

Would the principles of successful communication you identified earlier apply just as equally to business communication to ensure its success?


Are there other considerations that need to be taken into account? If so, what are they?

Yes , As there may be consideration like how to portray the information that is going to be pass down .You can’t be saying the same things to your friends and your boss .

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

IPPT CLear ....Haha ...It was a bad day today.... Early morning my whole body was aching perhaps due to the intensive training that i make myself to go through ( Run 2.4km on treadmil almost everyday) even tho i relax myself one day before the test ..... I thought of my running timing on treadmil which was 13min + and my body aching pain , i say this time round just go for a fail since i no need to go for RT as i am still schooling ... hehe ... Then My father woke me up early morning asking me to go down to his shop to help up as there is a lot of vehicle that required ppl to transport them ....WOh .... THought i coulde at least rest until the test but unfortunately no.... The whole process was worsen by the stupid rain causing me to be unable to take it any more at around 2pm .... Took a panadol and went to my car to slp for around 2 + hr which after that i felt better and thus make myself down to MAJU Camp ..... Over there although i still felt the sickness over me , i still carry out all the static station and before 2.4 km run i told myself ,if i really cannot take it then walk lorz.... But amazingly , dunno whether is the ppl running together with me ,the running route scenery or the running route itself that make me feel energize for a while ...Thus was able to run out a timing of 11.31min ....BUt seriously speaking , i believe what the Instructor say over there, if u didnt make it at MAJU camp then forget abt choosing other place as MAJU camp is the best place to run 2.4 km ..... THis is becos it comprises of 3 * 800 m round and there are lots of turning kerb which u can stick near them to shorthen the distance .... Moreover , There is a steep slope which u can push urself for a faster pace, but it come with a up slope but luckily the upslope isnt there steep so to sum up u still gain from the Down slope ..hehe .... Beside that i guess running at a treadmil and running a a real route make a different as treadmil the machine just keep moving and u werent the person controlling the speed as compare to real route... But running on a treadmil do train one person up hehe..... Haha now IPPT over , Buffet any one hehe... BUt i guess after blogging i will be going to sleep cos i felt that the feverish thing is coming back .... But before sleep will eat 2 panadol ..Hoping tmr will not felt sick ......It seem that i have been falling sick recently , just pray hard that i will regain my health before school start ..... Cheers to me for obtaining sliver after around 2 yrs not doing IPPT ...hehe and choose ur Test centre wisely for those taking IPPT .. MY recomendation ....although only been to one is MAJU CAMP....... Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 02, 2006

Training ..... TRaining

Talking abt back to army ..... Have been training this few days in term of sit up , pull up and 2.4 km run ... I guess my aim for this time round is just a pass with incentive as i dun think i can make it for IPPT ....... cos i try running and it is like my pace is super slow as compare to the past ..... and if i try to move in a faster pace i will be panting like mad and soon will be out of breadth ... and tested my timing liao and it is like 13min hehe...... so pray hard for me for those reading this .... cos my IPPT is on Wed 4th jan ... hehe

New Year Eve Celebration ..... Went to Celebrate New year eve with some of My english Class mate hehe ... From Left ( Me , shufen , Sze mei and Vincent ) ... Hmm It is an exciting Nite ...Vincent have some problem with his new year even biz ( Selling Pops and spray ) thus have to move over to orchard from marina square to settle it before returning back to esplanade to countdown ... After countdown , it seem a bit sad as in vincent small biz didnt go well and there is lots of leftover goods ... And things doesnt goes smoothly , before i was able to go help him transport his goods , One of my wheels was puctured .... WOh what a new year, lucky in army i had changed tyre before if not i will sure be panicked ... BUt note i say army that mean it is army vehicle and not saloon vehicle so as my frienz had calculated ,i spent 45min changing tyre and after that my whole body was full with sweat and hands was cover with black dirty dust .... Then help vincent transports his leftover goods to one of his frienz house at bemdemeer , after that make another trip to sent his two worker back to their house near farrer park mrt (There is a best bak gu tek) near there.... After that finally able to rest and go for supper .... which at that time is around 4.30 pm .... hehe ... Went over to Gey lang for supper .... Eat until 6.30 before there is train for them to take back home .... Hehe how bad am i in not transporting them home right ... Actuall i dun mind transporting them but i will like have to move quite a distance as in Some stay choa chu kang , some Tampines and i stay at central so i will be moving thru out singapore lorz .... And i can't possibly say , transport some and not all what .... To those Lao jiao ppl who drove , so do u transport every one back even tho it is a east and a west .... maybe can give me some kind of advice .... hehe any way i guess this coming sem i wont be able to have chance to think abt that qns since i be driving opel combo which by law cannot ferry any one cos it is a light weight commericial van ..... Any way the Amazing that happen that day which is 1st of Jan 2006 is that i change Toyota corolla tyre.Too bad i didnt have my camera with me if not i sure take a picture down of me changing tyre .... It seem like back to army days ........WHere i was a mechanic ,who dunno remove and replace tyre how many times liao ..... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Finally end the days with a group photo of the organising commitee .... It had been a tough time for all of them especially the chairman of the event ..ROsie .... hehe i salute u ...... cos i know how hard it is to work with the HQ stuff where there is a lot of high expectation .....SO cheers to all .... ANd Happi new year ....... Posted by Picasa

Relax a while and took a few photo with some good frienz in NPCC hehe ...... So cheers at least i smile in this picture rather than being tied down by the unsuccessful production of video hehe Posted by Picasa

Have been busy with the NPCC stuff..... THe V nite event ... Been spending time to think of ideas and also spent time creating video ....But once it is vet , there is so much correction to be make that in the end my whole video was replace by another which wasnt vet at all lorz... Isnt life unfair ...hehe ...But none theless ... the video fail becos the video i had created was based on my idea and not the NPCC,commandant idea.... I doesnt know that Mdm had actually a brief idea of what to be told ... I should had initailly start by working with her lorz rather alone which end up my video not been shown ... So it is partly my fault ..... As can seen from the shack looks of my face in the picture ..... Posted by Picasa