Wednesday, January 04, 2006

IPPT CLear ....Haha ...It was a bad day today.... Early morning my whole body was aching perhaps due to the intensive training that i make myself to go through ( Run 2.4km on treadmil almost everyday) even tho i relax myself one day before the test ..... I thought of my running timing on treadmil which was 13min + and my body aching pain , i say this time round just go for a fail since i no need to go for RT as i am still schooling ... hehe ... Then My father woke me up early morning asking me to go down to his shop to help up as there is a lot of vehicle that required ppl to transport them ....WOh .... THought i coulde at least rest until the test but unfortunately no.... The whole process was worsen by the stupid rain causing me to be unable to take it any more at around 2pm .... Took a panadol and went to my car to slp for around 2 + hr which after that i felt better and thus make myself down to MAJU Camp ..... Over there although i still felt the sickness over me , i still carry out all the static station and before 2.4 km run i told myself ,if i really cannot take it then walk lorz.... But amazingly , dunno whether is the ppl running together with me ,the running route scenery or the running route itself that make me feel energize for a while ...Thus was able to run out a timing of 11.31min ....BUt seriously speaking , i believe what the Instructor say over there, if u didnt make it at MAJU camp then forget abt choosing other place as MAJU camp is the best place to run 2.4 km ..... THis is becos it comprises of 3 * 800 m round and there are lots of turning kerb which u can stick near them to shorthen the distance .... Moreover , There is a steep slope which u can push urself for a faster pace, but it come with a up slope but luckily the upslope isnt there steep so to sum up u still gain from the Down slope ..hehe .... Beside that i guess running at a treadmil and running a a real route make a different as treadmil the machine just keep moving and u werent the person controlling the speed as compare to real route... But running on a treadmil do train one person up hehe..... Haha now IPPT over , Buffet any one hehe... BUt i guess after blogging i will be going to sleep cos i felt that the feverish thing is coming back .... But before sleep will eat 2 panadol ..Hoping tmr will not felt sick ......It seem that i have been falling sick recently , just pray hard that i will regain my health before school start ..... Cheers to me for obtaining sliver after around 2 yrs not doing IPPT ...hehe and choose ur Test centre wisely for those taking IPPT .. MY recomendation ....although only been to one is MAJU CAMP....... Posted by Picasa

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