Friday, May 26, 2006

Result out .... WHat a unexpected turn out .... i expect at least some A but there isnt any ...GUess my capability in studying is just around the B bands ...... MS fall out of my expectation- i was hoping for a A- but ..... Biz com was within my expectation due to the project and this have to give thanks to my group mate hehe ... Corporate finance within expectation- B+ will be fine ..... International financial management worz i didnt even make it up to B guess all my late night mugging the project effort is gone .... Probability which i want at least a A as i have like 10 days to study moreover my mid term did very well .....Hai ya ..... That is it liaoz ...My cap score raise by 0.01 so guess i am very far away from 2nd upper ......and might not even have 2nd lower ..... so should i go for honour years ??? THink ....Think .... Think ......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Weeee ..... Exam finally over ......Guess i need to give a brief summary abt what i have being thru .. I try to use good english this time round ..... First paper ( Corporate finance ) My mid term score ard the highest band but unfortunately my individual project + group project isnt very good .Moreover , i didnt manage to correctly ans all the qns in the final paper .The grade i guess i will get for this module is around B or B+ .If i am lucky , i might get A- hehe...... Paper No 2 (international finanacial management) .. Hmm for this paper , i doesnt have much time studying for it as i need to rush for its project ;having the deadline on the final exam date .. and i also spent time playing kindom hearts 2 and went shopping with frienz to get clothes .. Even tho my project was good but my midterm was a disaster -Guess it is towards the lower band .... I guess my score fall between B or B+ .... 3rd module ( biz communication) This module involve english so i do not have much confidence in the first place .. I only can pin on hope that my project and my effort can balance off my weakness in the language .My expectation for this module is either B- or B ...Just dun give me Cand i am happy with it ....Fourth module ( Management science ) , this is one of the module which i am confident in , i score pretty well for mid term but final wasnt really very good ,make a few mistake here and there so guess myA+ is gone .Expectation for this is either A- or A .... Last module (probability) i have almost 10 days to study for this module but unfortunately i lost the spirit to study halfway .Guess after JC ,my talent in Math has diminished alot . I dun feel like praticing tough qns as compare to JC times .... There fore during final exam i wasnt able to do the tough qns , guess almost 18/60 marks is gone .... But luckily my mid term was good .. My expectation for this module will be either B+ or A- ......Btw no picture regarding the exam was found so insert this picture where my dance classes took a group photo ........  Posted by Picasa