Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year Eve Celebration ..... Went to Celebrate New year eve with some of My english Class mate hehe ... From Left ( Me , shufen , Sze mei and Vincent ) ... Hmm It is an exciting Nite ...Vincent have some problem with his new year even biz ( Selling Pops and spray ) thus have to move over to orchard from marina square to settle it before returning back to esplanade to countdown ... After countdown , it seem a bit sad as in vincent small biz didnt go well and there is lots of leftover goods ... And things doesnt goes smoothly , before i was able to go help him transport his goods , One of my wheels was puctured .... WOh what a new year, lucky in army i had changed tyre before if not i will sure be panicked ... BUt note i say army that mean it is army vehicle and not saloon vehicle so as my frienz had calculated ,i spent 45min changing tyre and after that my whole body was full with sweat and hands was cover with black dirty dust .... Then help vincent transports his leftover goods to one of his frienz house at bemdemeer , after that make another trip to sent his two worker back to their house near farrer park mrt (There is a best bak gu tek) near there.... After that finally able to rest and go for supper .... which at that time is around 4.30 pm .... hehe ... Went over to Gey lang for supper .... Eat until 6.30 before there is train for them to take back home .... Hehe how bad am i in not transporting them home right ... Actuall i dun mind transporting them but i will like have to move quite a distance as in Some stay choa chu kang , some Tampines and i stay at central so i will be moving thru out singapore lorz .... And i can't possibly say , transport some and not all what .... To those Lao jiao ppl who drove , so do u transport every one back even tho it is a east and a west .... maybe can give me some kind of advice .... hehe any way i guess this coming sem i wont be able to have chance to think abt that qns since i be driving opel combo which by law cannot ferry any one cos it is a light weight commericial van ..... Any way the Amazing that happen that day which is 1st of Jan 2006 is that i change Toyota corolla tyre.Too bad i didnt have my camera with me if not i sure take a picture down of me changing tyre .... It seem like back to army days ........WHere i was a mechanic ,who dunno remove and replace tyre how many times liao ..... Posted by Picasa

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Benoit Lapierre said...

Hi from Canada.
Keep on going!
Your blog is very interesting !