Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lunch at Pier Eleven

Yeah! Today We went down to Marina South to have lunch at Pier 11. Seemed rather classy from the pictures on the net but heck, Binbin's got a $50 voucher so the price is gonna be extra decent. *grin* . Oh but the heavy rain was such a damner at the start but at least it was nice and sunny when we were done.


Nice warm bread

Its actually really good. The butter too. Binbin was raving about wanting to eat this everyday.

Cesar salad with poached egg. looks bland eh.

Then the magic happens. Lush liquid yolk oozing out...

The best of food porn! Egg was great with the salad. It had like tiny bacon bits and thin slices of cheese and crackers. Some vinegar dressing. Binbin really liked this and it is rare that he likes something so healthy.

Next, This is the duck coufit? Its got duck mixed with some herbs wrapped in this crispy pastry. Nice ~. Was really moist and flavourful and I loved the tomato salsa dressing. But Binbin thought it was nothing great.

Entrees! I had the snapper with some veggie. Was actually pretty oily and tasted just ok. Somehow I swear I saw the word 'shrimp' in the menu...

Binbin had Tenderloin. It was a pretty fat piece. I thought it was ok. But he liked it. Meat eaters....

Deserts! As I had the executive lunch set, it came with the dessert of the day! Mixed Berries Crepe. It was nothing special. Binbin compared it to roti prata. Oh and the scope of ice cream was TINY. *growl*

Binbin had some apple thinging. It had a rather fanciful name. It was pretty nice and warm. And the scope of ice cream for this one was bigger...:p

Some weird fruit. Tasted like a cross between tomato and....cherry?

The man himself.

We are at... some really ulu place. This Pier Eleven is only accessible by car, taxi and bus 402.

Overall the food is not bad. I preferred the appetizers. Go if you are feeling rich or have discount vouchers.

Address : Marina South Pier #02-07
31 Marina Coastal Drive (S)018988
Singapore District : Marina Bay District
Opening Hours : Mon - Sun: 11.30am - 3pm
6pm - 11pm
Telephone : 65326950

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Supper at the East .. Bedok 85 market

12 Oct ...The next day is sat and there is no school so i guess will jio xz out for supper.... It has always being at the west so i guess this time we will have a go at the east ..Bedok 85 market will be our destination ...

Starting off with a $3 appetizer ... hehe .. .This is quite tasteful but must say it is nonetheless like the normal one that u seen around ...

This is the finale ... It has a tastes very nice at the cost of $3 only hehe..This is different from the normal bak chou mee that we have .. The soup is mixed with egg and the mince ball is specially nice hehe...Tell the uncle u want a dry version and he will tell u to proceed to the next stall hehe..

Bin Bin : late night food outing is cool over here... But must be able to find parking slot .....

Bedok North Street 4 Block 85 Market And Food Centre

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ever heard of kolo Mee??

Interesting stuff of the week ..hehe .. Went over this stall near my place for Kolo Mee...

A look at it . It is like wantan mee. However dun be surprise that the food noodles isnt the noodles that was used in wan tan mee...Taste abt the same tho ...

Guess the stall is set up to be interesting .. This as seen in the picture is the way they package the food .. Isnt this special ..haha

BinBIn: I think the food was not bad and is like wan tan mee even tho the noodles is what they called kolo mee...Notez: thier wan tan is freid and they dun have steam make one heheh... MY sister complain it was a disaster... I think this is the case as she ate in a later timing which then the noodles might not be as nice... So dude , do not leave food lying around .. Eat it before it turn bad...3.5/5

Sarawak Kuching Laksa, Kolo Mee
Sing Li Food court
177 Macpherson Road
8am t0 2pm Mon-Fri

Noodles made of fish ???

Have you ever heard of noodles make of fish ?? TO me , this is something new ...There fore i went over to the place with xz on 5 Oct to have a go on the food ...

$3.50 for this fish made noodle .... Remember that they had normal noodles too so you had to remember to order correctly .. A taste of it seem special ... U can taste a bit of fish in it however the noodle is curly shape which is odd...

An Add on at the price $1 .. This come in a very small potion .This is the "Wu xiang" Which is made of fish too..Doesnt seem nice...

If u order the dry version , the fish ball comes separately .. Xz say this is very nice , and i totally agree too hehe

BinBIn: Interesting stuff.. If i were u , come try it as it isnt a common days stuff that u will see it moving around hehe... Basically it is unique , so come down here or show ur frienz this special stall.. However , if you eat this too often , guess it wont be any special liaoz and might not wanna come back too. There fore all in all i must say the food was ok only but it is unique hehe...3.5/5.

117 Aljunied Avenue 2 (S)380117
lat 1.32064 long 103.886976

VIsit to Coronation Plaza Again .....

3 Oct ... Once again we went to the "Golden Roaster" at the coronation plaza as we had yet to try their lemon chicken .. This was so as the last time before we left we overheard lots of customer ordering it therefore wanna to try it to....

Lemon CHicken ..It is pretty ok as normal however the interesting part of it is that the lemon sauce is self service one .That mean u choose how much sauce u wanna add to the chicken .This is customization to me and it seem quite a nice try ...

Filiet ... This was ok too .. Not really impressive but a nice one to try if u suddenly had a urge for western food while over at that place.

The Place is over at the third floor of the building near a corner to the far side .. TO find it , you can just walk round the level 3 ...

Bin Bin : Once again visit here ... Food was ok but then judging by the standard, if i am around here i will eat it .However if i stay in far area, coming over here for this can be a much of a troubles......

587 Bukit Timah Road (S) 269707