Sunday, September 24, 2006

Recess Week has started so at least has abit of time to start blogging ..... the recess week started off with a shack but fun saturday....I have tennis in the morining...After which went to Ecp to coach up chengcai and joanne as they just started off with skating recently .... Then went off to esplande where everyone gather together to go for our maiden urban skate for the whole workyear ....This is a joint event together with SGskater .. BUt as seen from the photo , our groups of people is already so large liaoz ..SO what is the total number of people ?? I dun know hehe .... This whole session last till 11.30 pm ... Everyone left after that cos they might be tired .... Then went off for second round with luke, dawei and Eileen ... Went for our super at Orchard food court- Had a plate of chicken rice haha ....Then we started to skate all the way from orchard down to bukit timah to eileen house to sent her back home first ....Then we skated from her house to esplanade to get my car then i drove luke and dawei back home. It has been a long time since i last skated so long distance ... The next one will be this coming wednesday where we will have our mid night skate .... I spent my whole sunday sleeping hehe ..All the way to 5.30 pm sunday then i woke up.... Guess i am too shack from the skate session ..... Posted by Picasa