Monday, January 30, 2006

carry on from last part ... guess after so long of not posting any thing ... my hand turn itchy and wanted to type out some stuff... Haha ...Aya ueto looks very KAWAII-Cute ..... In the tennis out fit ... Have been follow up with her latest news ever since she star in the Attack No one vollet ball show and now her latest drama series is abt tennis ... hehe ... Guess after andy lau, will be her as my second idol hehe ...... Any way she is only 20 now .. and she has a large group of fan ... Is she amazing .?? K will blog till here ... See ya all and wish all of u all to have a HAppy CHinese New Year and to those small little kids "Kuai Gao zhan da" And for all student " XUe ye Jin BU" and for the working adult " Cai yuan guan jin" ... And to all ah Ma and Ah Gong" sheng ti jian kang " And Cheers and go to listen to andy lau "Gong XI FA Cai" song ..... Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Aya Ueto is beautiful girl.