Sunday, May 29, 2005

Last sat went over to CDANS country club to help up in NUS NPCC .177 air rifle competition .Wake up at around 715 am and msg my friend lisking ,asking him where will he be parking his car as i dun wish to spent a large amount of money on the CDANS carpark. But to my surprise he say due to the parking problem(as we will be staying there the whole day) he will not be driving. Cos i woke up too late so have no choice but to drive. Once again lost my way there. Upon reaching there, i went over to the nearest HDB carpark to park the vehicle. Since the carpark is not free i have to take my chance by not putting carpark coupon. But as i dun want to get summon for $50 dollar , i put a few coupon such that if the time limit is exceeded i will only have to pay $7 . My job there was a scorer that was to check and record down the score of the shooter. It is pretty simple job as we have a brunch of cooperative frienz working together. As in the picture my frienz -vincent looking closely at the shooting card -giving the score for the card.At the end of the event we are given fun shoot mean we can shoot for FREE. BUt as i thought that air rifle = M16 so i put the gun foresight tip close to my eye and upon shooting the recoil cause a wound on my right eye top . That make me stop shhoting and go to treat my injury. After the fun shoot ,we have some refreshment for the VIP which mean FOOD .Thus i have a slight dinner before moving off to east coast to skate.  Posted by Hello

Monday, May 23, 2005

Went over to PArk way Kbox today and realise that k lurch is cheap cost only around 9 dollar per person .Beside having to sing for 2 and half hour we get to have lurch .If break down the cost singing only cost about 4 dollar this is the cheapest rate i ever have. Hmmm guess i sing untill tired liao can't even pose well for photo .look so tired.hahaha. Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 21, 2005


It been days that i have posted message on blog but today i have to post some thing bad that occured .And please share with others this story if u happen to come visit my blog.

It was a bad day today . FIrst it rain non stop that the floor could not dry up causing me and my friend to skate in wet ground.

But this was not the worst , my whole bag was stolen together with my friend handphone and my cap and water bottle and car key. We thought it would have been safe to leave our stuff hanging around in one corner at the beginner corner at east coast park near the mac donald. but was proven wrong today as my stuff was kena stolen. When we found out that my stuff was lost , it was already too late as we guess the thief have already run far away. All we have left was bits and pieces of memories that a skinner guy ,tan, age round 30 + ,acter to be repairing his bicycle, might have stolen our stuff.

Warning ! warning! This is a reminder to fellow skater skating at the east coast to be careful of this guy .If u see any suspicion guy , please take note of his action and if u see he acter his disgraceful act again .Do inform the police to let him face the music . And if possible give me a message at the tag board as if he is caught , my friend might be able to recover her phone although it is a very minimal percentage.Thanks and becareful!!! And spread to others that might have been skating at ecp so that they might not fall under the hand of the evil act.

Lastly ,i have to apologise to my friend -stara who thought my bag is safe and leave her phone inside it for her lost of her phone.And once you buy a new phone please tell me as i guess it my responsible to chip in a bit.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


REad today sunday times and was shock to find out that actually blogging also liable to the act of deflamation where there was a number of case where blogger giving their personal comment regarding certain organisation and was been sue by the organisation. This mean we as blogger although as much as we like to write our personal feeling will not be able to do so .We have to consistently be on alert of what we write ans as what the strait time mention about a veteran blogger "We have to be sensitive to what we write". Thus from today onward ,blogger plz be care ful and not get urself into trouble with the intention of only to express ur feeling.

Next thing i read up was regarding speak good english.Hmmmm that was my worst area hahah but from the what the paper mention it seem that a bunch of ppl in singapore are actually speaking of singlish where they confidently think they are speaking good english but nonetheless i guess i am worth off then this bunch of people since i am unable to speak well in singlish too.SOb. Just some interesting fact i found out today.Previously i used to say "pronounciation" but actually the real standard one is "pronunciation" did u get it correct??? if yes ,u belong to clever bunch i guess.

Friday, May 13, 2005

hmmmm actually have type a veri long caption but too bad lost it some where but will try to recape. hmm put this picture down becos the ending overwhelm my expectation . The ending is that almost every lead in the show died becos of the female lead but in the end the female lead regreted what she have done after watching his brother been sentence to death for some murderous act that she dont know about . So is she forgivable? WHo is the good guy and bad guy? Or is it veri diffcult to determine the good and the bad. WIll any one ever not commit a wrong act?? So i say it a nice show so if u miss up hahah too bad. Hmm i just mention that actually i type a long paragraph but due to the picasa program i lost it .It piss me off all this computer stuff arghh. jUst end it here . Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 12, 2005


hmmm there seem to be a bit of problem with posting picture but guess once i solve this problem wont be touching the coding stuff ani more .phew hope this work

testing how to sent picture to blog .hahah .since i watch One piece the whole day so i post a one piece .Any way all take a look at the poll see which anime u find it the best Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


i think i completed a presentable blog .Thus now it advertising time- to announce to everyone of the birth of this new blog.mhuahuaua.And thanks to whoever visited my site . In the future , if there is any special event or project will be posted up here for discussion.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Blog up

Finally ,after a huge amount of time spent to decorate my blog ,it can be release haveing a bit of quality in front of everyone.But i can see if i want to fully make it a good one,i have to really spent a large amount of time on it.That will depend on whether i have time.

Monday, May 09, 2005


hope can be upload


hope this work