Wednesday, December 28, 2005

woh .... Now i a bit sianz with flash liao after 1 mtn of doing flash here and there ...Not to mention i just finish rushing a flash video of 7min within 2 days ......Finally no more urgent stuff on hand except to get the module i want ..... Done this quiz .... seem to help me choose a color of life .... Although from young i love orange (cos i use to like to eat orange) but there was once andy lau sang a song having the lyric - Blue blue ..Is the color of my heart.. I Kind of choose between these 2 when ask abt what color i like most .. hehe ... Now this quiz tell me to choose blue also hehe ... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Haha continue from the last entry .... Woh nvr imagine going out with skating group ppl for other activity except skating ... SO this is the first time ... haha ... Went KTV ... All of them want to see how i "Dou Ying" hehe That is to move my adam apple up and down to vibrate the sound ...hmmm Sound very chiem right ... Have uploaded a mini video clip on my blog under the video session (thank to karen for recording lorz ).. So go see it .. Any way had fun after lying in bed for 2 days and sleep thru out the day .... K cheers to NUS skate Club .... HOpe we get more and more Members .. (Go go andy the new PR head - haha just suceed the position from Ray ...) Posted by Picasa

woh ... This year christmas was veri veri bad... i Was sick on christmas day and had to lie in bed the whole of sunday cos i my whole body doesnt have any strength ...(vomited and has diarroea a few times in the morning between 2-5pm) Then wasnt able to meet up frienz on monday(boxing day) too cos was still pretty sick ... Haiz ... Miss up on lots of Fun hehe ... Luckily on tues i had finally recovered and was able to join them(NUS skate club) once again for KTV ...  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Result Out ..... Although this sem result was the best of the past few sem but it is still a disappointing result ...hehe cos the area which i want to major and minor in doesnt seem to be doing quite right ..Scoring a B for both finance and math which i initially still thought that i could fare pretty well.....Hmm so am i still gonna to major in finance and minor in stat .... Most prob yes.... Gonna give myself one more chance to prove myself hehe ... Gonna hold on to belief i guess ..... Merry christmas to all .... And hope all of u out there wont be as tired as me (working even on christmas eve) and stay at home facing my buddy laptop hehe ..... We wish me a merry christmas ,we wish me a merry christmas and a happy new year ... haha ...K gonna end here ....And congrate to those who fare well during the previous sem and to those who didnt work harder next time .. next sem will be better .... hehe ... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Work ....Create video ....

Had been working everyday continuously from 8am to 8pm..... Tired out ...I find that i keep forgeting stuff ,as in i keep forgeting to bring back impt stuff to company after been sent out for either transporting if not repair vehicle .

Haha finally done with the hongkong trip video and uploaded a preview file on my blog ... All go watch it if u are free and give comment ... for the whole length of video please ask from me and will try my best to sent to u....

Monday, December 05, 2005

Day 4.... we went to some where nearby as we will be leaving in the after noon .... It is another time of shopping .... The jacket that i wore in this picture was brought during this time at abt less than 10 dollar singapore. every good thing must come to an end ... regardless of how unwilling we had to go back to Singapore ..... Picture taken at hong kong airport .... Bye bye hongkong .... and thx lion gal for pushing the injured man hehe .. ...  Posted by Picasa

Night view of disney .... the castle is cool ...and there was firework all over the castle during 8pm ..... After disney ,we went back to kwon long to shop a bit more before returning to hotel... Posted by Picasa

Group photo with mickey .... WOh over there we didnt get to enjoy much stuff ... as we had to queue up all the time before enjoying the ride or theatreshow ... And from the various kind of ppl there we realise a few tactics to cut queue but we didnt use it cos it is a disgraced to use it.....Tactic one ... get ur kids to cry and cut queue saying that ur kid is sad.... Tactics 2 act blur .... tactics 3 say ur frienz is in front ....tactics 4 dun care just rush forward .... and many more ... Posted by Picasa

Yeah ... the trip finale ... we reach Disney land .... First disney for me ... ...The place was super crowded ...But the feeling was good ....  Posted by Picasa

Day 3 ....Had our breakfast over at somewhere near the hotel ..... And went for some morning exercise -TAIJI  Posted by Picasa

Then we took a ferry to kwon long (jiu long ) and went thru the star avenue ..LOOK MY IDOL PALM PRINT ...-- andy lau .... We end another day there and we move off separately again ... 2 went back hotel ...2 went for shopping ..... Posted by Picasa

over at ocean park we went running around taking picture and playing all the slide and ride... from rollar coster - to fairy ride .... Hmm dun u ever wonder is any one get scare of the rollarcoster?? ..I was surprise that our lion gal was actually super afraid of it .... hahah Did she cry ?? U must ask her ur self hehe ....  Posted by Picasa

woh ..leg veri pain ..... after one full day of walking like zombie without much slp but now it is the second day liao ....went over to Ocean park .... famous theme park  Posted by Picasa

after that went to Lan kwan fang - a place where the hong kong ppl to chiong ... it isnt that big and impressive ... we end our day there with a dinner .... after that our adventurer went separated ... two (jiawei and lydia) went back hotel ,two (me and vincent ) went to explore the unfamiliar land at kwonlong ..and stay there till next day  Posted by Picasa

Then we went for lurch and rush over to Hongkong Island ..... The transportation there was scary ... took a cab and the meter jump like hell .. every 5-10 second jump 50 cent singapore dollar .... ANd the Mrt there - they call it ACR /MTR was also expensive .. cost us 50 HK dollar to reach Hong kong island .... Over at hongkong island we went to the peak -a famous place over ther ... the picture was taken from on top of the peak .....  Posted by Picasa

after arriving to Hk ... we went to our hotel at Tian shui ... This place look like SIngapore Sengkang where there are min ppl staying around here .... Hotel facilities good ....  Posted by Picasa

Yeah .... Reach Hong Kong .....First time come to this unfamiliar place .... Let me introduce my adventure buddy .... From the left is me , Jiawei the laughing guy , lydia the lion gal and vincent the energize guy ....  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Back from HK

woh .... After 4 days 3 night in Hong kong my leg was in great pain cos all i do there, is walk around buying, shopping for thing and also looking for food ... Guess i have a lot of stuff to blog about ... but will stop here and continue blogging later on the detail of my Hong kong trip