Wednesday, August 31, 2005


WOh .it been almost 4-5 years since i last went back to my secondary school - geylang methodist secondary school.School have move to a temporary place near kallang bahru .This session was organised last min as i only know that today is teacher's day from yesterday. ANd thus only manage to get 2 ppl(huanjie and chee keong) to join me in this trip as most have morning class. MOst of my teacher is not there any more .except form teacher - Johnny joseph (who have change alot in the way he speak english and sound more local. Biology teacher - Miss lam (never spoken to her cos lack of time need to rush back to NUS for lecture).Chemistry teacher-Miss Ng (also didnt talk to her ) . Chinese teacher -Mrs liao (also never talk to her ).Tour trip teacher -Mrs chng (talk to her about life in Nus )hehe came back mostly because of her as my sister(currently studying there) say she complain that i "wan en fu yi " and didnt visit her .hehe so now i am back there visiting .Prefect master when i left school - Mr CHua( haha he still remember i help him up in teacher day by modelling his clothes in the teacher day performance last time. Then rush to school for lecture after which go over to parent shop to bring my dad to see doctor . Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 15, 2005

haha.i am back as usual with my cannot make it english.whaha.Skate course have just finish and the whole course is like sun tanning lorz . with the blazing heat ,teaching ppl how to skate is tougher cos all the time is finding place with shelter .hehe.the course lasted for 2 days from sat to sun.Didnt take any picture cos no one brought camera along hehe. Stay thru out sat and sun morning then afternoon went with frienz to Ktv cos want to get a bit of enjoyment before all the exam come busting in . ANy way i am not the designer of this picture just taking JW pic cos too lazy to do one out hehe.ani way have a great time singing cos every one there is able to endure my pitchless voice . ANi i am not there to be superstar haha so no harm sing out loud and to my enjoyment as long as the ppl there can take it .Ani one there want to join our brotherhood and sisterhood KTV gang??  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Went for NUS rag day to help up in NUSNPCC to raise flag and also to cheer for biz ad. Went the day before to school at 9 pm to help up a bit in biz ad rag cos felt a bit paisei after been ask so many times by rosie to go down help up. Stay thru out without sleeping to torch up a bit on the float and also to push the float all the way from biz to SRC. As compare to last yr , we are lucky this yr as the wheels for the float is working pretty well as compare to last yr ,where all the guys have to carry the float that weight tonne from biz to SRC.Note it is carry and not push . Last yr before pushing ,t-shirt is dry and clean .after pushing it is like we are under heavy rain . This is was better onlt sweat a bit. hehe . went to meet up with the rest of from npcc at around 8.30 pm but was late due to my forgetfulness in shaving - keep returning back to car to get stuff.The flag raising was a success ,congrate all . BUt unfortunately biz ad rag was a disastrous .NOt that the float was bad or what but it just that luck is not on our side cos to me our float was the best .U all can say,where got own fac ppl say their float not nice, but my other fac ppl also say so hehe .In the end we only won a shield .BUt till now ,i received a email regarding NUSSU mistake on a particular shield which suppose to be won by us but end up in other faculty .Heard that will be a official represent of shield to us .hehe cheers all biz adder and NPCC colleague. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 06, 2005

This is my group pedro for the O week .Big isnt it. But it has not been the case for the past few days of the Oweek.It has been a tough time to encourage the freshie to turn up for the event Since most of the event is talk and seldom have nice bonding games.This is first in my lifetime handling a group of ppl who need super lots of push to get them down -guess my hp /sms bill will shot up.Previously in NPCC , student dare not complain that they cannot come and thus force by the power of organisation to come .ANd in fresh man orientation camp , student pay for it and are force by the power of money to come.BUt this time round ,i am lacking in both that thus have to use the power of persuation to get them down.It has been the toughest orientation but a fun and enriching one. Cheers guys and gals talk more interact more as what i usually say.hehe.Take care hope u have a good time in my group and all the best for ur future.Before i end ,my group seem to be quite diverse with exchange student from HOngKOng-my idol andy lau country and student from vietnam , to local student. But it fun having all of them there .Take care. Posted by Picasa

hmm it has been quite a long time that i blog .GUess i am caught up with too much stuff like Oweek event.Guess all our effort in getting donation have gone down the drain after today defeat from rag day. I persuade most of my member to turn up for flag day but in the end was unable to raise enough funds to beat the other faculty .GUess thing dont goes as what u want them to be.BUt i guess i have a fun time hanging around with my group member and councillor in collecting every bits of money.hehe. ENded the flag event at around 7pm since all freshie need to go home.After which went with some of the freshie and councillor to go geylang eat "tou jiang you tiao " since we are flagging near that area .Never forget to reward one self after a day of hard work. Posted by Picasa