Thursday, January 12, 2006

Home work Homework...

Woh .... Biz comm module... Before the class starts there is already Home work to do -That is to discuss on the topics on Communication and Autonomous Learning ..Done one on Communication but not the other

And after writing out my comment i guess i can put it in my blogs for everyone to see ...hehe

How would you define successful communication?

Personally, I think that communication is successful only when parties involves in the communication understand the information being transfer among each others. If only part of the information is pass on, then the communication process has failed.

What do you think are some of the principles one must follow in order to ensure the success of one’s communication with others?

I think that for there to be successful communication, it involves high concentration on each and everyone involves in the conversation. Concentration in terms of ,Eyes – Must not be looking around while having conversation ,Ears – Must be listening at all times when some one is giving comment, Mouth – the way the person speak must not be very different from the others.

What is business communication?

Business communication is a formal communication

How do you perceive business communication as similar or different from communication in general?

Similarities: Both involves transfer of information

Differences: Parties involves in the communication is different.

Would the principles of successful communication you identified earlier apply just as equally to business communication to ensure its success?


Are there other considerations that need to be taken into account? If so, what are they?

Yes , As there may be consideration like how to portray the information that is going to be pass down .You can’t be saying the same things to your friends and your boss .

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