Saturday, October 29, 2005

Am i a Harasser??

Just read a interesting article regarding how to fend off harasser ??
1. Send an "I'm off-limits" signal. You've noticed the tendency of a guy you know to act inappropriately. Whenever he's around, talk about your happy personal life -- as in, "My husband is so great" -- to make it clear you're not available.
2. Avoid sensitive situations. If a man you don't know well offers you a ride to an off-site business meeting, politely decline. If he insists, stand your ground -- even if he makes you feel silly for doing so.
3. Use humor. When you notice someone verging on bad behavior -- say, a stranger leers at you or stands too close -- send a back-off message tinged with humor (such as, "Hey, not so close there!"), since a more confrontational approach could make the situation escalate.
Quoted from :
Guess if any one of ur frienz apply this technique to you mean that you are a harasser.
To everyone out there.If one day u find that u are a harasser , u must do something to stop it if not u will be dislike by alot of people...

Friday, October 14, 2005

I was pester by my frienz to blog about this event lorz .. Although was not in the mood to do so due to too much set back .... Any way manage to grab hold of the third postition for the school category for the sumsung inline compeititon .. First being the team of our fellow frienz with singapore fastest skater in it ... Second was secondary school kids from i guess pasir ris sec.... Losing to them only mean one thing , we are all too old liao ... haha no more in the ability to fight with the young ppl liao ..So all cheers to this branch of old ppl - including me hehe who manage to at least hold on to a tropies ... At first thought that each of my team member will be able to bring home a medal but unfortuantely we are given a tropies and i mean "a" that implies only one and only one .So how in the hell are we able to separate the trophies into parts and bring home. Even if we did that , the trophies wont appear as it is liao so no point .. Any way guess not gonna write much ,have to go do some reflection on myself to see how to make me a better person . ANy way all the best to all youngster out there ... Cheers for being young .And stay healthy as life isnt gonna be good when u turn older as the years goes by .... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I am back but still not quite in the mood ..... On wed finance lecture , my frienz - jiawei pass me a cutiing .Ops ... i am on the newspaper ... So since it was the first time (i think) i appear on paper i guess i must blog abt it .... This event was organise by FM 987 , Where they claim that it was in the history of SIngapore that Skater can skate on the road ... Hmmm It is true but too bad the distance was too short ... AFter Skating for 1-2 years , finally can see a bit of benefit hehe .. But the most important thing is that , in the newspaper i was in front of the SIngapore Fastest Speed skaters.Haha ... Never will i had the chance to be in front except this time hehe.... Posted by Picasa