Friday, July 21, 2006

Tioman Trip 15-17 july Day 1

WOrz.... Never had i been so Rush in a oversea trip.. WOke up at 6.45 by a phone call ..."WHere are U" Said andy .. My reaction back is "Ohh" Gosh i had overslept.. I am suppose to meet them at scott road DFS at orchard road at 6.30 am and here i was at my own bed room at 6.45 am ... I quickly calm my self down ,telling myself that the worst is i miss the trip only ... Nothing worst will come.... So i calmly wash up and lucky my brother was kind enough to drive me over to woodland cause way to rally with them .. The rallying process was also very rush it was like i had to run up the pathway to the causeway to meet them ....Any way to cut it short , i manage to get to them and continue the trip .

A relief look on the bus .
The trip over to tioman was long and tiring .. Both was the bus ride and boat ride ... The bus ride was basically sleeping .. The boat ride was better as in there half episode of pirate of carribean to watch ...Reach there at around 2-3 pm ..

A group photo at the island ..
We go for meal after booking in ... Then after the meal we went to walk their small jungle path towards a mini waterfall known as "Rock Fall" and u can see me as a river Boy haha ..

After the mini jungle trip , me and luke go change to our beach boy gear to go to take a look at the underwater world ... The rest andy ,karen and regina give it a pass as they find it to bothersome to try it on that evening..

Over at the sea, we saw nemo and many others little fish but the underwater view is just nice .. should have buy under water camera ...

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