Sunday, June 26, 2005

Stupid odd week!!! Have not been blogging for around 1 week cause was pretty busy with quite a number of stuff. This is due to the crash of Biz ad foc (a councillor helping up to take care of the yr 1) and NPCC LMSC course (a lecturer for area 7 lmsc team building topic). But luckily i have private transport thus able to move around as and when i like. 20 june: first day of foc. went to aljunied mrt to fetch both of my frienz to the camp-yunkai and james.Together 3 of us was late for the camp.But ani way bizadder always late.Check in to KR after which proceed over for some running games like amazing race. Lurch over at SRC swimming pool where we proceed to pool game then end off at Biz canteen having dinner. Night i guess was a bit exciting for the junior where they come face to face with some terrible frightening "ghost" which i tried last year .I really admire those who make up to be the ghost as they dun afraid of disturbing the real ghost. 21june :One full days of games over at sentosa .this group photo was taken at sentotosa as it seem that this is the time where we have almost full strength of ppl. After reaching back Kr ,all of us went for supper at Fong seng .Then i went home after that as the next day have to report to sengkang sec for th lmsc course . I missed the inter faculty games which coincides with my course thus wont there to see other faculty ppl. After my npcc event went home to sleep a while before returning back to nus for the chionging session or should i say the meet the SP session.ALthough this yr i am senior but was ask to be involve as there was not enough guys.Involving wont be a problem but the problem is that have to be "Taken" by the ppl who is not involved in the game.It is a damn paisei session. I was ask to walk around asking each gals whether they are my SP but... i just dun have the "sie" to spot my SP thus making numerous mistake( Btw SP things is a game like angel and motal where on the chionging day u will get to know who ur angel is) Went over to china one for the chionging event over at boat quake if i not wrong.SInce i dun like chioning,after the main event finished where ppl proceed to dance i went walking around the place with ZHiwei and james talking cocks. Wish i have bring my skate so that it will not be so boring.AFter this went back school where everyone is wake at around 4pm to go for a jog b4 hearing the senior shouting some tradition cheer fight.U may thinks this is crazy but that biz ad tradition .Have to just monkey see and monkey do lorz. Then went back home again so that the next day can go down to sengkang sec to lecture the kids.Meet my CIBTC course instructor -baoxing. He is currently working as interior designer which i used to dream of studying as it was so cool .Just when i feel that i can relax and enjoy some break i break down with thus wasnt able to blog till now. Even as i type this now i was feeling unwell ,guess have to stop here and rest.For those who have read this plz ignore any english problem is this piece of work.hehehe  Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 18, 2005

18 jun night.Went over to Kbox orchard outlet at cineleisure at around 730pm.This actually was organised for the nusnpccbut the turn up rate was low but aniway get maximum singing this time round.Lisking(The handsome guy to the left ) come just to listen to us and never sing ani sone felt a bit sad for him to come wasting money and time--->blame the organiser vincent(2nd from left) hehehe.I finally found a close enough frienz who can mimic andy lau and is quite close to andy voice(the guy to th far right) perhaps i have to "Bai" him as my tutor to teach me hehehe .CAN??? CAN?? Beside mimic andy voice, he can also sing well not let me who just keep going wrong key now and then.Nonetheless i still love to go KTV cos is i felt that singing is a way that u can expressed ur feeling or have fun even though u go wrong key .(take note no one is aimming to be the next JUE DUI superstar so why bother with wrong key) Posted by Hello

18 june morning.Today mark the starting of a busy week . Reach school at around 10.30am to practise cheer lolz.Abit stupid leh .And all the cheer basically is i know already or i dun know at all (which i didnt bother to memorise).Then went for lurch at Clementi Mac and was amaze by the offer Mac give(buy 2 meal and get one free) After which went to clementi mrt to pick up the freshie for the upcoming FOC.As expected ,Gary previously my ojt at 9dsmb come over to biz ad but he was not in my group .We have a nice chit chat session before breaking away from their group .Photo taken was most of the group member of my group -Atouk for up coming Foc as some didnt turn up today.After settling all the admin process for the FOC and a little intro for the freshie everyone went back and i went home to prepare for my night activity. Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Went over to paya lebar airbase today for the runway skate 05 event . Despite the drizzling rain that started off with the event , most of the people carry on with the event since the rain stop after a while.But unfortunately the ground was wet and thus my whole skate is soak with water + have to service the bearing once return home .The picture was taken after the rain have stop as you can see from the nice beautiful rainbow. After taking the picture , i lag behind my friend for quite a distance but manage to spped up and catch up with them .But half way through ,i loss all my energy to keep up with them + my back bone is crying out loud thus i have no choice but to slow down .After all my frienz was a distance beyond my view , i felt that i was not moving at all thus started blaming my skate as the bearing have spolit and unable to bring me forward. But be it the skate or my stamina , for me to be unable to catch up mean there is some problem going on ,guess have to work harder next year. Ani way was able to complete the whole 15 km .Clap.clap. After the event i went home straight thinking that today is father day but to my dismay ,i was wrong(mislead by brother). But i think even if i was not wrong ,i wouldnt join my frienz to go east coast as my skate bearing might turn worst if i dun clean it immediately + i guess i dun have much strength to go on ani more + my sock is soak with water and is pretty discomforting. Ani way gotta say it is a fun event to participate .If u guys/gals out there can skate or ride a bicycle and have missed this event ,i felt sorry for u . Nonetheless can come for the next year event. haha Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Went over to tracom( police academy) for helping up to mend the stall for nusnpcc at the police carnival. Thought was a easy job ,but half way all energy had been used up and become lethargic in shouting for participant. The photo is the big vehcle that smash some scrap vehicle in the motor show in the police carnical .If ani one of u have miss the event today .Go tomorrow on sunday and make sure to go support my school booth .hehe Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Went for frienz (karen ) mini bday celebration on sunday after going to IT fair over at expo.Over at the fair , i got myself a dv-cam at a price of $288 which i think is quite a worth. This is so as it have a lot of function like photo , video taking ,Mp3 ,web cam ,voice recording... But the most important factor is that a mmc card can be used .This is important since previously i had brought myself a 512 card without having a chance to used it.After buying ,left the place for karen house to attend the celebration. I must say that the stuff we play over there is like sec school stuff which most of my others frienz have since abandoned those games and think is childish(games like cluedo, taboo) but nonetheless find it fun to play. Posted by Hello

Monday, June 06, 2005

last sat went back to school to try out a few event of the upcoming biz ad FOC. the games in the morning was interesting and nice but i found it a bit of boring perphaps i am no longer freshie and the surrounding of NUS doesn't amaze me ani more. Before dinner we went for a game over at kent ridge hall>The game was name as Laser quest and thus most ppl thought it is what we have seen in the arcade but disappointingly it was laser quest with water gun .But nonetheless everyone have fun shooting one another with water .Then come the night where the sun set and spooky things came out. We went exploring 2 area that was infeseted with dead people .Even though this was the 2nd time i try this (last year try it before) i shiver a bit thru the place .But dunno whether it is the problem of the different cast i felt that last year the ghost was more frightening .Hmm some of u at this point may be lost with what i say ,pondering whether it is real or fake ghost .But of course it is fake one or else i wont be typing it hahaha.It is just another event of the FOC(fresh man orientation camp) Call fright night where freshie will be scared by the com member .Btw the photo was a few of the councillor in the group that i was in(zhiwei group) . And it was taken while everyone was waiting for the fright night event to be carry out as the waiting time was so long like the past in Ns where everyone have to wait for sun to set before the commencement of night range .  Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Woh it is a veri stupid day today. In the morning ,thought that what will happen the whole day have already been predicted by me but sadly to say so ,i am super disappointed with this day. Went over to father shop to help up in some transportation of people in the morning.AFter which went over to zhang ying house to play mahjong with hime and karen and thersa(sec school friend) while waiting for NUS result to be release at around 5pm .As the time get closer to 5pm , my enthusiatic feeling over mahjong have to turn into inpatient.This was make worst when Andy (sec school friend) call telling me What he scored for his nus result,this frightened me cos he scored quite good -which i think(will not disclosed cos is confidential to him) . Upon viewing of my result , it is like the whole sky have turn dark ,dont ask me what i scored,u can see for ur self .It is like the last sem but a bit worst cos last sem i have 1 A but this sem only A - .I thought that after spending so much effort to study but in the end still end out receiving this grade so why study .I have no more mood to play mahjong but frienz just keep consoling me , i have not much time to bored over it so continued playing till around 10pm then left for supper . I thought of reviewing why i did so badly tomorrow but then my mother told me to go help up in the shop tomorrow.It seem like double attack which i have not much defence(what can i say??No i cannot help up??) But after looking thru my dairy on what i think i will score after the exam i felt that i only fall a bit from my expectation.ME i at first think i can scored B+ as i have no problem with the final exam ,guess it the mid term that affect my result.MA as expected due to the loss of 30 marks. IT as expected no complain.Jap , i have to say quite a number of stuff on this .It is like i spent thousand of time on it as every week we have spelling and most of my time is occupied by it and in the end all i get is the worst grade one could expect.Maketing i expected to have at least a B as i have 5 days to prepare for this paper so why i still can't make a better grade is it of my poor command of english or my skill of craping is not there yet ??? For english ,above expectation but not much feeling as it wont affect my caT. Now i really dun know how to continue my next 2 year in NUS as i study at home ( a bit slack) score this type of result and i study at school (veri hardworking) score the same result. so why bother? I guess i could only blame the taking of six modules + one modules is jap language.But all will still end up excuses. Maybe i have to start studying soon. To my fellow friend whom i approached to sell or borrow the next same text plz do not hestitate to lent me or sell me as i desperately what to do some thing about this poor grade although sem 3 result wont affect much.Sometime i really wonder is it whether i grown much stupid after going Thru army or NUS business school have to much good ,talented student liao.I guess i can only work harder and pray harder next sem.Plz pray for me ,my fellow frienz .Thank for ur prayer and also effort spent to understand my full of grammatical and spelling error complain!!!!!!! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Play Roseonline for so long ,finally on today ,was able to drive a car. For those who dun no this game and dun understand what i say ,i have to explain a bit about this game or publicise a bit about this game .Hahah.It is a free online MMORPG game and can be downloaded from .It is a nice game which at level 10 u can choose a job and at level 50 u can drive a can .Driving a car will enable one to move faster in the game>so dun wait and try it . And at this point of blog ,have to apologise to those who read my blog regarding my poor english grammer and spelling.Hope all will pardon me for my weak language Posted by Hello