Tuesday, July 02, 2013

155 Fish ball minced meat noodle

A rather healthy breakfast . Fish ball noodle in tomato sauce costing $2.5 per bowl. Taste impressively nice with a normal setup.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ah Wei niang dou fu

The Yong towfoo stall's mix of pork and fish stuffing is a real treat. The home made delight and a healthier choice food available in the neighbourhood.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mei Xiang roasted meat and chicken rice

The roasted dishes usually come with soup which make it extra worth... Quite a long queue if you were to come in the noon. Overall a nice meal in a neighborhood food court .

Li ji ( since 1979 formerly at tanglin koek road)

They offered a wide variety of roasted meat and chicken rice .. However , my favorite is still this dish - You Ji noddles( drumstick). It came at a reasonable price of $3.5 even though u have drumstick.

Xiang Xiang Mei Shi

Fried you tiao is one of the best selection in the stall. It can be considered as one of the best offered at the west side hawker centre. Eat while it is hot for the best effect. It cost $2 for 3 . You can choose from the others fried snack over there.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Potato Head Beach Club

Potato Club

Location: Jl. Petitenget 51B, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Potato Head
Potato Head

How can we ever forget this famous Potato Head Beach Club when we come to Bali. With a highly securities area, tourist can dine here safely. But it does not come cheap.

Beside this, its atmosphere is truly heaven – what is more that you can ask for when the beach is just in front of you.

Crusted Butterfish

Crusted Butterfish costing RP.140,000 ++

The fish is presented together with Arugula, Pomelo and Truffle Vinaigrette. I would say that the fish is still the main catch of the dish as it just taste awesome even though I am not really a fish eating person.

Grilled Australian Beef tenderloin

Grilled Australian Beef tenderloin costing RP. 300,000 ++

The Beef Tenderloin is presented with Blue Cheese Macaroni, Red wine Stewed Grapes and Asparagus. I would love the beef tenderloin to a great extend however the interesting part of this dish is the Grapes that is nicely soak with red wine. And amazingly the effect is very good. It is a must try if you ever come here.

Gabah Restaurant and Bar


Location: Jl. Bakung Sari, kuta, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Been at Indonesia doesn’t necessary mean only temple, sea or massage. There is always the food that lure us here. I have allocated some time in search of some of the best food found in Bali.

Scenery 1

Scenery 2

Gabah Restaurant and Bar is located in the heart of the tourist zone which makes it a significant restaurant to visit when we are here. When we enter the restaurant, we are greeted with quiet ambience which provides us with extra peacefulness when we dine.

Set meal for 4 Person

The most famous set meal in the restaurant is meant for four persons. Whenever this dish is served, it will be comes with a line of waitress and waiter who trumpet the set meal out from the kitchen to the table. As a customer there, you might experience this scene a multiple of times if you stay there for quite a while.
Since I came in 2, therefore it does not seem advisable for me to order the famous dish. Instead, I order a set meal which is meant for 2 persons.

RIJSTTAFEL RAMA (meat) ~ RP. 260,000 ++

This set meal come with a soup, main course and Dessert.


Soup – Soto Ayam

Main Course


Steam Rice
Main course – Ayam pelalah (shredded chicken), Ayam Panggang, bumbu Kuning,lambing mekuah(Balinese Lamb Stew),Cah Kacang panjang(Stir fried long beans), be sampi base manis (Balinese Beef stew),lurmeric rice and steam rice.


Dessert – Bubur Injin pandan (Pandan leaf flavoured sticky rice pudding)

This is one of the recommended Indonesian specialties therefore by ordering this we will be able to get to taste most of the Balinese food. Overall, this set is very good. I guess it is a must to try if you patrons the restaurant in two person.


Bokcoy & Mango

As for the drink, we ordered one glass of Immunity (Orange,Apple and watermelon) and one glass of Bokcoy & Mango (Baby bokcoy, Mango, Passion fruit syrups and pineapple juice), with both costing us RP.38,000. There is many others selection so choose fruits juices that you like.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Mount Batur Volcano

Mount Batur Volcano

Recently, i went to Bali for Holiday, and mount Batur Volcano is one of my itinerary. It is a magificent Volcano even when watch from afar and not to mentioned if you are near it. I guess if you ever go to Bali Indonsia for holiday, be sure to catch this impressive scenery. And importantly, there is this nice buffet restaurant which give the above view of the vocalno. Below is the Buffet Menu:)


Whenever you visit the Mount Batur - Kintamani, you must have your lunch over here. It provides you with affordable buffet lunch with many variety of Indonesian food at this restaurant – Batur Sari Restaurant

Location : Penelokan Kintamani - Bangli , Bali, Indonesia. (0366) 51007


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blood Seals

Blood Seals

Many people might be wondering what is Blood Seals which is newly introduced to the game Blood Brothers. Basically, the idea had been copied from D.O.T. defender of the Texal which uses "Pavilion" to increase the max number of Fighter that you will be able to carry.

So like Pavilion, with the Blood Seals on hand, the max number of familiar that you will be able to carried will be able to increase. Each Blood Seals increase the number of familiar that you will be able to hold by one. It will be automatically increased when you received the Blood Seals from your wagon. You do not need to do anything.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Barong Dance ~ Bali

Recently, i went over to indonesia - Bali for holiday. It was over there, that i felt in love with the culture over there. I was particular impressed by their Barong and Kris Dance which represents an eternal fight between good and evil spirits. It involved a Barong (a mythological animal) representing good spirit and Rangda (a mythological monster) representing evil one. Below are some photo taken with regards to the play.
Barong Dance

Barong Dance

Barong Dance

Barong Dance

A more detailed story on the Barong & Kris Dance in Bali Indonesia is written on my Hubpage.