Monday, June 26, 2006

It has been a long time since i last blog ...... Have been caught up with too many things .... I am currently working on some mini video clip project ......One for NUSSC and the other for frienz birthday ecard ...... More over the world cup things is driving everyone crazy including me hahah ..... And i am working for DFS now which take up most of my time earning just a few bucks a day hahah ....Over there i work as a sales associates selling liquor ,xo,whiskey and cigarette .. I dun smoke or drink therefore it is rather difficult to start off with cos need to know the various brand like chival regal ,jhonny walker ,remy martin ,martell ,camus ,hennesy.....Yesterday i sold one bottle of Louis XIII and it is the most expensive bottle i sold to date ..I dun think i have another chance of selling it again.....This bottle as seen on the picture cost around S$1700 .... This kind of selling dun come often hahah ..DUn think will ever get a chance to taste such a expensive XO hahah ... K going to work ... ENjoy to all those reading these and take care.... Posted by Picasa

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