Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Solo Urban

Wake up @ 1300hrs and couldnt sleep any more. Drive over to farrer road and park my car near the roadside.(Free parking)

Started my solo urban to places whereby data are stored.

Nomaally if required to take bus to orchard, will wait over here. Remember there was once my hands was cover with my saliva(think i didnt have tissue so wipe my mouth with my hand) and a small quarrel started as my hand touches her clothes.

Macdonal Nearby..
We were once here over night mugging for exam .. Those were the days whereby study together was such a fun activities.

QUeensway hawker centre.
Famous fried kway theow over here. Multiple quarrel here..Some of it ended up pretty badly. This is one of the place whereby we frequently visit for food.

Another food whereby we visit.. Friday have its famous fish filet... Hmmm ..This place seem peaceful ... But like here cos of the chicken wing and meat ball ..

K this sum of for the past ... Can data be erase off ??

Hmmm Move on to the alexander park connector.. She always wanted me to bring her here but always doesnt seem to be able to... And recently she just came here together with the club. I am always one step late. Guess might be just this down the road. ....

On top of the connector, super shack ...Long time didnt skate so much liaoz ...
After getting down from the connector, got lost in finding my way back to my car. She always hated my this poor sense of direction.

Reach island cremery in a super cannot make it state .. order the cookie cream which then i remember of the milk incident whereby the orea was also affected. The cookie for this ice cream is orea :(

After Ice cream , went up the gourmet teanery to look ard. She used to be standing at this place looking at the grocery...

After that, went back to my car @1700hrs and sum up the whole solo urban.

Then went over to ECP thinking to join the KTV session but unfortunately didnt know that it was cancel. No one tell me until karen msg back me @ 1855hrs..

Went back home then...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Phase ???

Before i went to work, i Went to IslandCremery for a scoop of ice cream. It really bring back memories however things might be difference now. This is a place where things started ....Wanted to visit it once again... Have a fresh banana scoop. It really taste goods. To guys and gals out there, you might wanna come here o relax and chill out hehe.. In fact , i guess a number of people is doing it now hehe.

AFter that i went to Adam road for dinner as it was just nearby. QUeue up for the famous Nasi Lemak. However, didnt really have a appetite in it judging from my current mood haha....

At work, dun feel like eating any thing for supper. Told "Kiang" (the one going out to "lau pat sa" to buy food) that. However, it is really heart warming when he brought back a "Qing Teng", it seem that at least there is some one who is thinking of my welfare , care for my wellbeing.:)