Monday, July 25, 2005

Attended thersa bday celebration after skating session . Was too engross with skating resulted in coming too late for party ani way didnt miss the cake cutting at all.hehe.Happi 22 bday thersa .  Posted by Picasa

Long lost pen pal .Hehe met up with my long lost pen pal cum sec 2A monitress cum "little sister" .Hul was flipping thru past memories previously and wanted to contact all those long lost frienz as meeting up can bring back memories . ANd saw one of them on msn and surprisingly she was in singapore too so try to arrange a meeting. Arranging a meeting for 2 is simple but getting group of ppl is tough and since i am those who couldnt come up with much thing to talk so have to arrange a group meeting lorz.Hull she really busy thus making the arrangement tough but in the end was able to come up with one on that day at bedok hawker centre for 3-4 hour .Am i great at organising .hehe .SOmetime life can be full of regret. something u wanna do but u werent able to do it . Like unable to keep in contact with pri school frienz.and many more lol. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 15, 2005

"Flyer" .."Flyer".. "Come get ur free flyer. TOday went for part time job as flyer distributer using blade as a mean of moving .The rate is $8 per hour ,is it worth it? ALl of us work for around 5 hr but at the end of day my leg is crying out in pain. this is worst than urban skate .guess maybe not used to my new skate .hehe.another problem is that it rain today making the ground veri slippery .hence ,can't skate freely -have to control my step so as not to fall.ANi this is the first time that skating have come in use to earn money ,so to ppl out there .Dun miss out on another mean to earn money ,come learn skate either from me or join NUS skate club.tata Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

went to skate today ,although i have put tape across part that are bound to wear out due to slide but my effort was waste after i do a hockey slide my boot still wear out .I guess i have to enhance my protection by putting epoxy on top of the tape then another tape layer to let it look nicer.Hehe that will be my new enhance so guys just wait and see my modification of boots(although not enhance the effect/power of blade but enhance the protection) hehe Posted by Picasa

My nEw SKate ..... TWister technical (03/04) Posted by Picasa

NUSNPCC CHALET 2005 .7-9 july. Hahah another chalet written at an outdated timing. This chalet was held at a mini- bunglow over at aloha chagi chalet a few distance away from changi village.AGain once again i was the transported of stuff in out of the chalet . But the sad thing about this time round is that due to my poor driving skill, on my way to get the ppl my car sports rim was scatch and it was a headache as to i have to report to my parent regarding this thing.But the good thing is that i get pay for my fuel fee so i have no complain.So after paying 15 for the chalet and getting 30 dollar back i still earn 15 dollar.But the bad thing is that i have to stay thru out the days of chalet even though there was no one there i know veri well about to talk cock or play game thru out the nite but to sleep in the rm .SOb SOb .ANi way have a good time playing ps2 winning eleven over at the chalet.  Posted by Picasa

Annual Secondary school Sec 4A chalet!!! 4-6july.Hmm been writing belated blog recently as event just keep coming up that i have not enough time to blog as last week two chalet come in consequetive date ,SO finish one have to rush to the other one. For this yrs chalet ,we held it over at the aranda chalet ,although the turn up rate is not that great but it still a good amount of people .It been a six month since our class last gathering so it is like there are not much to talk about but to play games and tell ghost story at night.WE had barbecue at the first nite as the turn up rate is the highest on the first nite.Beside holding it as a gathering , we set it for the birthday for our monitor -chengcai whom birthday fall within the day of chalet .SO once again happi birthday.I stay thru out the chalet as i was the most free person ,having flexible working time but most impt i was the person driving the stuff in out of chalet.I guess the poor turn up rate is due to everyone having the commitment of work which they are unable not to go work as compared to the secondary school life where we are once young and free.So what does this mean.ALl of us are now Old and Jail to work/School .Hehehe Posted by Picasa