Tuesday, November 01, 2005

NusNpccOrientation 2005 ........ Finally the orientation was over. This was one of the evnt that i am supposed to plan ... With all those stupid mood that i have , basically i dun intend to plan it .... But then life still have to move on, any way lucky most exam ( i mean mid term ) was over ,thus i have the time and effort to do the planning .... Starting i thought that the turnup rate will be low since i had a bad experience for my batch .... That is last year where the meeting place was over at east coast and the amount of New Ho turning up is low ... Thus wasn't able to get much fun last yr ... But this year it seem to be the same , as i am not the one enjoying as i was one of the organizer..... Being the organizer was tough.... Have to make sure everything go as according to plan ......Athough starting was good , as in the turn up and also the weather was good... But then i got lost in sentosa driving around -cannot find my way to a particular carpark.. (maybe i have 2 bad orientator -vincent and rosie )hehe just joking !!! And only ended up in the place i wanted to go at around 1 hr . And all the team was waiting like where the hell is the organizer .... This is like another time where i think driving is bad... But after this incident everything went by smoothly .Three legged soccer(hold hand soccer) to captain ball ...to dinner ...Btw The thing that went wrong just now is during scavenger hunt ... So basically that the whole day event ... Ops today was Deepavali ... Happy Deepavali to all and it seem like sentosa today have turn into another Serangoon road .. haha... Going back to Sentosa do bring back a lot of memories..I can see my past where i have no worries during army and happily enjoying my time in sentosa play beach volley ball .But be in university it seem like it had brought me more pain and torture . Both emotionally and phiscally esp those piles of books that one have to read before the exam .... Ok before i end this ... CHeers to all others organizer-vincent and rosie and the EO -yousi to be my station master ...And most importantly the participant ..... CHeerss .... And another thing is that i finally done my job and completed this event hehe May then be spending less time in Npcc liao ....Since i think i will like to move into the working life as in doing interm rather than CCA...  Posted by Picasa

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