Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hmmm ... My exam will start on 21 nov with 2 paper - OM and maths .. It continue on 23 Nov ,having macro econs which was a rather confusing module . Lucky i didnt take it during JC if not i guess i will have a tough life ... 24 th Nov another paper but i SU it -gene and society ... ANd my final paper(finance) for this sem fall on 26 nov which after which will start enjoying .hehe ... OK guess i need to make some goal before taking the exam .... This is the min grade that i which to get for this sem .Of course i will want to get a better grade .. But this predictition is thru my analyse of the time i have to practise for the paper, the midterm result , and various small minor grade that i receive like project or participation mark ... Just hope it will be this prediction if not better ... cheers to all .. K back to study ...  Posted by Picasa

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