Wednesday, November 23, 2005

2nd battle

23 nov - 3th paper for this Sem ... This paper was OK but i didnt manage to complete it on time as was stuck somewhere in the qns .. Guess give away around 15 mark ... Haha but it is not as sad as last paper as i didnt aim high for this module ... But i guess after today paper i can raise my expectation a bit . hehe .. to perhaps B+ ... cos it seem that at least i didnt screw up watch as a lot ppl also feel the same way ... I have been looking thru some ppl blog and it seem like some look really good which actually let me favourite it on the internet so i can revisit it as and when i like . I need to revamp my blog during this yr end holiday ... kk that all for the day .. Have to study a bit for tomorrow exam even tho i SU it..

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