Saturday, October 29, 2005

Am i a Harasser??

Just read a interesting article regarding how to fend off harasser ??
1. Send an "I'm off-limits" signal. You've noticed the tendency of a guy you know to act inappropriately. Whenever he's around, talk about your happy personal life -- as in, "My husband is so great" -- to make it clear you're not available.
2. Avoid sensitive situations. If a man you don't know well offers you a ride to an off-site business meeting, politely decline. If he insists, stand your ground -- even if he makes you feel silly for doing so.
3. Use humor. When you notice someone verging on bad behavior -- say, a stranger leers at you or stands too close -- send a back-off message tinged with humor (such as, "Hey, not so close there!"), since a more confrontational approach could make the situation escalate.
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Guess if any one of ur frienz apply this technique to you mean that you are a harasser.
To everyone out there.If one day u find that u are a harasser , u must do something to stop it if not u will be dislike by alot of people...

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Emily Santiago said...

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