Monday, November 21, 2005


First day of exam ... And i reached school late and it seem like this is the first time i being late and for after noon paper i almost late too ... ANY way the sad thing is not this .... For the OM i guess B + shouldnt be a problem since the paper wasnt tough and will all end up on project and mid term ... But for the second paper -Math , This is the first time in NUs exam that i sweated and got scared lorz..It was like every qns that came out was in such a hard way .. ANd i had lost almost 30+ mark for been not filling up anyhing (cos dunno how to do ) .. But any way result to me only mark as a form of satisfaction thus it only show how ignorance i am .. Guess my expectation will drop from A to B liao .... Sad sad .. will do a revise expectation after all the exam... Way to go ALvin ... Just 3 more paper ...

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