Saturday, November 12, 2005

Finally my blog is going into a world of privacy- haha not broadcasting it on my msn liao That mean i can used it as a dairy and complain abt anything i dun like or i like .. or it simply mean my privacy level have increase by a level ... Haha ... Life can be really boring during this period of time -Exam sesson , but it gotten worst since i contracted this stupid illness known as cough.Although i am in front of time in my studies but due to this illness , i had been sleeping the whole day for almost 2 days which i guess i am starting to break even or worst still , lack behind ....Moreover when one fallen sick , they usually long for someone to care abt them .... It had been 22 yrs down the road of my life and this person had always been my caring mother but how i wish i had some one else ....Maybe just like andy lau song "笨小孩" . 妈妈说真心爱,会爱的很精彩,结果我没有女孩。 haha cool right ... write in chinese ... woh i spent almost 30min typing out this phase ..... U got to be kidding ..guess this is what u all is thinking now but that the facts ... ANy way browse thru my frienz friendster and found this photo and thus use this picture as recently had nothing interesting happening around me unless u all want to see my lecture notes ... COugh !!Cough !! Man when will i recover from this stupid cough ... Oh back to the photo , Hope she dun mind i took the photo down from her friendster , but in any case if u mind please inform me so that neccesaary steps can be taken to solve the problem... Haha any way guess why i put this picture ?? Cos the person taking the picture is me ..hahah .. Any way this are the few fellow that i had been sitting with during my gene and society class .. Not to forget my chatting buddy ians (not in the picture) who always there to talk cock with me as the gals are always ignoring me haha ... Sad right ... haha .. Any way gene exam is round the corner liao so cheers to all those taking this modules and also to me ..Hopefully can pass without studying much (i SU it hehe).. Cough !cough! woh it getting worst i guess i need to rest but then i need to wait till 3am before i can take another slip of medcine .. Woh life tough ... Hmmm before i end , just a bit about taking medcine nowadays , do u all think that it is effective to take medcine ??As in the more i take medcine , the worst my condition is .. Do u all feel the same ? Can spare me some opinion ? Haha just comment in the tag- box... Thanks and all the best for any one reading this now ...  Posted by Picasa

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