Monday, November 28, 2005

Post exam study ..... Today , went over to Ngee ann poly with 2 other person to help my frienz with his stat exam tmr (although i also wanted to help some other person too but guess no need my help ) .... Woh it had been almost 2 semster before i touch stat again ... And it seem like i had forgotten most of the stuff.... But i manage to struggle thru ..Cheer to the post exam mugging ...hehe .. AFter every thing went over to parkway to exchange money for HongKong TRip .... THat my sem holiday vacation destination ... Dun be jealous cos it was like the the second time i went that far ... This picture was taken after finance paper where we had a celebration buffet over at kallang theatre restaurant . There was food like "YU CHI" ... "Buddha jump over the wall" ... ice cream .... ice kechang...... Chili crab .... ++++ It was like one person 24 ++ ... Food not bad .. if any one interested i can perhaps tell u where to go ... hehe actually also no need to tell - it is just in the building of kallang theatre .... BUt remember to book before going.. Posted by Picasa

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