Thursday, June 02, 2005

Woh it is a veri stupid day today. In the morning ,thought that what will happen the whole day have already been predicted by me but sadly to say so ,i am super disappointed with this day. Went over to father shop to help up in some transportation of people in the morning.AFter which went over to zhang ying house to play mahjong with hime and karen and thersa(sec school friend) while waiting for NUS result to be release at around 5pm .As the time get closer to 5pm , my enthusiatic feeling over mahjong have to turn into inpatient.This was make worst when Andy (sec school friend) call telling me What he scored for his nus result,this frightened me cos he scored quite good -which i think(will not disclosed cos is confidential to him) . Upon viewing of my result , it is like the whole sky have turn dark ,dont ask me what i scored,u can see for ur self .It is like the last sem but a bit worst cos last sem i have 1 A but this sem only A - .I thought that after spending so much effort to study but in the end still end out receiving this grade so why study .I have no more mood to play mahjong but frienz just keep consoling me , i have not much time to bored over it so continued playing till around 10pm then left for supper . I thought of reviewing why i did so badly tomorrow but then my mother told me to go help up in the shop tomorrow.It seem like double attack which i have not much defence(what can i say??No i cannot help up??) But after looking thru my dairy on what i think i will score after the exam i felt that i only fall a bit from my expectation.ME i at first think i can scored B+ as i have no problem with the final exam ,guess it the mid term that affect my result.MA as expected due to the loss of 30 marks. IT as expected no complain.Jap , i have to say quite a number of stuff on this .It is like i spent thousand of time on it as every week we have spelling and most of my time is occupied by it and in the end all i get is the worst grade one could expect.Maketing i expected to have at least a B as i have 5 days to prepare for this paper so why i still can't make a better grade is it of my poor command of english or my skill of craping is not there yet ??? For english ,above expectation but not much feeling as it wont affect my caT. Now i really dun know how to continue my next 2 year in NUS as i study at home ( a bit slack) score this type of result and i study at school (veri hardworking) score the same result. so why bother? I guess i could only blame the taking of six modules + one modules is jap language.But all will still end up excuses. Maybe i have to start studying soon. To my fellow friend whom i approached to sell or borrow the next same text plz do not hestitate to lent me or sell me as i desperately what to do some thing about this poor grade although sem 3 result wont affect much.Sometime i really wonder is it whether i grown much stupid after going Thru army or NUS business school have to much good ,talented student liao.I guess i can only work harder and pray harder next sem.Plz pray for me ,my fellow frienz .Thank for ur prayer and also effort spent to understand my full of grammatical and spelling error complain!!!!!!! Posted by Hello


miea said...
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miea said...

Hey Alvin, I'm not going to say cheer up or get over it. But I want you to know you got a friend in me and Andy, so dun ever think for a second, you're alone in this. You can work smart, not hard, next sem. Don't ever give up, be strong and have faith.

SUN BOI 23 said...

Dont despair.... think positively, maybe you didnt obtain what you have expected. But if you turned around and see in this manner: "what if you have never try hard enough and get worst results?" The most important thing is you yourself know you had put in the effort and you have not let yourself down in giving your best shot. Though result is important, but the process is more important i guess. Continue with your work hard spirit and i guess tmr will be a brighter one. =)