Monday, June 06, 2005

last sat went back to school to try out a few event of the upcoming biz ad FOC. the games in the morning was interesting and nice but i found it a bit of boring perphaps i am no longer freshie and the surrounding of NUS doesn't amaze me ani more. Before dinner we went for a game over at kent ridge hall>The game was name as Laser quest and thus most ppl thought it is what we have seen in the arcade but disappointingly it was laser quest with water gun .But nonetheless everyone have fun shooting one another with water .Then come the night where the sun set and spooky things came out. We went exploring 2 area that was infeseted with dead people .Even though this was the 2nd time i try this (last year try it before) i shiver a bit thru the place .But dunno whether it is the problem of the different cast i felt that last year the ghost was more frightening .Hmm some of u at this point may be lost with what i say ,pondering whether it is real or fake ghost .But of course it is fake one or else i wont be typing it hahaha.It is just another event of the FOC(fresh man orientation camp) Call fright night where freshie will be scared by the com member .Btw the photo was a few of the councillor in the group that i was in(zhiwei group) . And it was taken while everyone was waiting for the fright night event to be carry out as the waiting time was so long like the past in Ns where everyone have to wait for sun to set before the commencement of night range .  Posted by Hello

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