Sunday, June 12, 2005

Went over to paya lebar airbase today for the runway skate 05 event . Despite the drizzling rain that started off with the event , most of the people carry on with the event since the rain stop after a while.But unfortunately the ground was wet and thus my whole skate is soak with water + have to service the bearing once return home .The picture was taken after the rain have stop as you can see from the nice beautiful rainbow. After taking the picture , i lag behind my friend for quite a distance but manage to spped up and catch up with them .But half way through ,i loss all my energy to keep up with them + my back bone is crying out loud thus i have no choice but to slow down .After all my frienz was a distance beyond my view , i felt that i was not moving at all thus started blaming my skate as the bearing have spolit and unable to bring me forward. But be it the skate or my stamina , for me to be unable to catch up mean there is some problem going on ,guess have to work harder next year. Ani way was able to complete the whole 15 km .Clap.clap. After the event i went home straight thinking that today is father day but to my dismay ,i was wrong(mislead by brother). But i think even if i was not wrong ,i wouldnt join my frienz to go east coast as my skate bearing might turn worst if i dun clean it immediately + i guess i dun have much strength to go on ani more + my sock is soak with water and is pretty discomforting. Ani way gotta say it is a fun event to participate .If u guys/gals out there can skate or ride a bicycle and have missed this event ,i felt sorry for u . Nonetheless can come for the next year event. haha Posted by Hello

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