Saturday, June 18, 2005

18 jun night.Went over to Kbox orchard outlet at cineleisure at around 730pm.This actually was organised for the nusnpccbut the turn up rate was low but aniway get maximum singing this time round.Lisking(The handsome guy to the left ) come just to listen to us and never sing ani sone felt a bit sad for him to come wasting money and time--->blame the organiser vincent(2nd from left) hehehe.I finally found a close enough frienz who can mimic andy lau and is quite close to andy voice(the guy to th far right) perhaps i have to "Bai" him as my tutor to teach me hehehe .CAN??? CAN?? Beside mimic andy voice, he can also sing well not let me who just keep going wrong key now and then.Nonetheless i still love to go KTV cos is i felt that singing is a way that u can expressed ur feeling or have fun even though u go wrong key .(take note no one is aimming to be the next JUE DUI superstar so why bother with wrong key) Posted by Hello

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