Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I am back but still not quite in the mood ..... On wed finance lecture , my frienz - jiawei pass me a cutiing .Ops ... i am on the newspaper ... So since it was the first time (i think) i appear on paper i guess i must blog abt it .... This event was organise by FM 987 , Where they claim that it was in the history of SIngapore that Skater can skate on the road ... Hmmm It is true but too bad the distance was too short ... AFter Skating for 1-2 years , finally can see a bit of benefit hehe .. But the most important thing is that , in the newspaper i was in front of the SIngapore Fastest Speed skaters.Haha ... Never will i had the chance to be in front except this time hehe.... Posted by Picasa

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