Saturday, August 06, 2005

This is my group pedro for the O week .Big isnt it. But it has not been the case for the past few days of the Oweek.It has been a tough time to encourage the freshie to turn up for the event Since most of the event is talk and seldom have nice bonding games.This is first in my lifetime handling a group of ppl who need super lots of push to get them down -guess my hp /sms bill will shot up.Previously in NPCC , student dare not complain that they cannot come and thus force by the power of organisation to come .ANd in fresh man orientation camp , student pay for it and are force by the power of money to come.BUt this time round ,i am lacking in both that thus have to use the power of persuation to get them down.It has been the toughest orientation but a fun and enriching one. Cheers guys and gals talk more interact more as what i usually say.hehe.Take care hope u have a good time in my group and all the best for ur future.Before i end ,my group seem to be quite diverse with exchange student from HOngKOng-my idol andy lau country and student from vietnam , to local student. But it fun having all of them there .Take care. Posted by Picasa

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