Saturday, August 06, 2005

hmm it has been quite a long time that i blog .GUess i am caught up with too much stuff like Oweek event.Guess all our effort in getting donation have gone down the drain after today defeat from rag day. I persuade most of my member to turn up for flag day but in the end was unable to raise enough funds to beat the other faculty .GUess thing dont goes as what u want them to be.BUt i guess i have a fun time hanging around with my group member and councillor in collecting every bits of money.hehe. ENded the flag event at around 7pm since all freshie need to go home.After which went with some of the freshie and councillor to go geylang eat "tou jiang you tiao " since we are flagging near that area .Never forget to reward one self after a day of hard work. Posted by Picasa

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