Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Went for NUS rag day to help up in NUSNPCC to raise flag and also to cheer for biz ad. Went the day before to school at 9 pm to help up a bit in biz ad rag cos felt a bit paisei after been ask so many times by rosie to go down help up. Stay thru out without sleeping to torch up a bit on the float and also to push the float all the way from biz to SRC. As compare to last yr , we are lucky this yr as the wheels for the float is working pretty well as compare to last yr ,where all the guys have to carry the float that weight tonne from biz to SRC.Note it is carry and not push . Last yr before pushing ,t-shirt is dry and clean .after pushing it is like we are under heavy rain . This is was better onlt sweat a bit. hehe . went to meet up with the rest of from npcc at around 8.30 pm but was late due to my forgetfulness in shaving - keep returning back to car to get stuff.The flag raising was a success ,congrate all . BUt unfortunately biz ad rag was a disastrous .NOt that the float was bad or what but it just that luck is not on our side cos to me our float was the best .U all can say,where got own fac ppl say their float not nice, but my other fac ppl also say so hehe .In the end we only won a shield .BUt till now ,i received a email regarding NUSSU mistake on a particular shield which suppose to be won by us but end up in other faculty .Heard that will be a official represent of shield to us .hehe cheers all biz adder and NPCC colleague. Posted by Picasa

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