Sunday, May 29, 2005

Last sat went over to CDANS country club to help up in NUS NPCC .177 air rifle competition .Wake up at around 715 am and msg my friend lisking ,asking him where will he be parking his car as i dun wish to spent a large amount of money on the CDANS carpark. But to my surprise he say due to the parking problem(as we will be staying there the whole day) he will not be driving. Cos i woke up too late so have no choice but to drive. Once again lost my way there. Upon reaching there, i went over to the nearest HDB carpark to park the vehicle. Since the carpark is not free i have to take my chance by not putting carpark coupon. But as i dun want to get summon for $50 dollar , i put a few coupon such that if the time limit is exceeded i will only have to pay $7 . My job there was a scorer that was to check and record down the score of the shooter. It is pretty simple job as we have a brunch of cooperative frienz working together. As in the picture my frienz -vincent looking closely at the shooting card -giving the score for the card.At the end of the event we are given fun shoot mean we can shoot for FREE. BUt as i thought that air rifle = M16 so i put the gun foresight tip close to my eye and upon shooting the recoil cause a wound on my right eye top . That make me stop shhoting and go to treat my injury. After the fun shoot ,we have some refreshment for the VIP which mean FOOD .Thus i have a slight dinner before moving off to east coast to skate.  Posted by Hello

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SUN BOI 23 said...

hahaha finally my photo appeared..... keke..... Have not seen you posted any of my photo in any of your site.... lolx

Good luck for your LMSC lecture .... i guranttee u it will be a good experience....i had a great time with Area 18 NCOs.... they are a bunch of adorable cadets. LOLX