Sunday, May 15, 2005


REad today sunday times and was shock to find out that actually blogging also liable to the act of deflamation where there was a number of case where blogger giving their personal comment regarding certain organisation and was been sue by the organisation. This mean we as blogger although as much as we like to write our personal feeling will not be able to do so .We have to consistently be on alert of what we write ans as what the strait time mention about a veteran blogger "We have to be sensitive to what we write". Thus from today onward ,blogger plz be care ful and not get urself into trouble with the intention of only to express ur feeling.

Next thing i read up was regarding speak good english.Hmmmm that was my worst area hahah but from the what the paper mention it seem that a bunch of ppl in singapore are actually speaking of singlish where they confidently think they are speaking good english but nonetheless i guess i am worth off then this bunch of people since i am unable to speak well in singlish too.SOb. Just some interesting fact i found out today.Previously i used to say "pronounciation" but actually the real standard one is "pronunciation" did u get it correct??? if yes ,u belong to clever bunch i guess.

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