Friday, May 13, 2005

hmmmm actually have type a veri long caption but too bad lost it some where but will try to recape. hmm put this picture down becos the ending overwhelm my expectation . The ending is that almost every lead in the show died becos of the female lead but in the end the female lead regreted what she have done after watching his brother been sentence to death for some murderous act that she dont know about . So is she forgivable? WHo is the good guy and bad guy? Or is it veri diffcult to determine the good and the bad. WIll any one ever not commit a wrong act?? So i say it a nice show so if u miss up hahah too bad. Hmm i just mention that actually i type a long paragraph but due to the picasa program i lost it .It piss me off all this computer stuff arghh. jUst end it here . Posted by Hello

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