Monday, March 24, 2008

Complaint about DBS......(Special Requested by Friend)

Why is it that OCBC doesn’t deduct $2 from savings account balances less than $500 but DBS savings account does??? It’s so unfair. We students are not even working and financially independent and they want us to keep $500 in our account or deduct $2 from us each month? Are they trying to chase us away by imposing a fee? Because we are non-profitable and a waste of resources is it? How much does it take to maintain an account anyway? So low-value accounts are more expensive to maintain than a higher value ones?

Don’t forget, in the future we are going to be earning lots of money ok. Is this how you treat your future lucrative customers???

As students, we are always spending money and not earning any. Shopping and luxuries aside, we need money for school fees, textbooks and TRANSPORT wtf. Do you think we would leave the $500 rotting in our accounts when it could be used to meet these expenses? Of course not lah! The only time money ever flows in to my account is during CNY. And even so, it doesn’t last long because I’ll just take it out to buy textbooks anyway.

Maybe I should just open a OCBC account and put all my money there. At least they won’t be so evil to eat my money just because it’s not at least $500. It’s better to put my savings in a bank that is not so money minded.

But then again, all banks are money minded. Aiyah. Maybe I should just buy a safe box wtf. Not like they have impressive interest rates anyway.

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