Thursday, December 27, 2007

From Canton to Nippon!

We had a rocking good time yesterday at Settlers playing board games with our NUSSC mates. While the bunny game was fun, the chicken cutlet there is SERIOUSLY not worth $4. The piece of chicken was really miniature surrounded by what I can't even concede to be a mountain of fries. And I like fries. The fact they were not of a plentiful amount bothered me. So after that the whole bunch of us headed to Liang Court for a proper dinner. We decided to have udon, something soupy and comparatively cleansing after all that fried nonsense. Forgot the name of this establishment but it sold mainly udon dishes.

Bin Bin got this tsu-something-ki udon ($7). The main star was the egg. And he really liked the egg. hmm But it looked almost raw to me with that liquid egg yolk oozing from his lips.

I had this beef udon ($9)which was pretty good. The soup was really 'cheng' and the ingredients were present in abundance. I always always believe in generosity. The udon was pretty elastic and chewy too. Oh the beef was in really tender, soft thin shreds. Almost yoshinoya-like. Went well with the whole 'cheng' theme.

This was very affordable for a side dish. Steamed eel rice cake ($1.80). Not bad, not bad at all. Love the price.

Made a trip to crystal jade at marine parade previously. This was, on the whole a better experience as compared to Streets. Everything was pretty decent.
I had E-fu Noodles with Tofu and Minced Meat. Got the impression it was the Mapo Tofu kind based on the Chinese name of the dish. Apparently not. But I still liked it, being an E-Fu Noodles fan.

Binbin had porridge. SO healthy for a Macdonald fan! I found the porridge a little bland. But me no porridge fan so can't really compare.

This was heavenly! Crispy squid with salt and pepper! It was really tender and came with minced garlic too which really give it that extra ooomph! Gonna stick to this and wanton mee at crystal jade next time.

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