Thursday, October 11, 2007

Noodles made of fish ???

Have you ever heard of noodles make of fish ?? TO me , this is something new ...There fore i went over to the place with xz on 5 Oct to have a go on the food ...

$3.50 for this fish made noodle .... Remember that they had normal noodles too so you had to remember to order correctly .. A taste of it seem special ... U can taste a bit of fish in it however the noodle is curly shape which is odd...

An Add on at the price $1 .. This come in a very small potion .This is the "Wu xiang" Which is made of fish too..Doesnt seem nice...

If u order the dry version , the fish ball comes separately .. Xz say this is very nice , and i totally agree too hehe

BinBIn: Interesting stuff.. If i were u , come try it as it isnt a common days stuff that u will see it moving around hehe... Basically it is unique , so come down here or show ur frienz this special stall.. However , if you eat this too often , guess it wont be any special liaoz and might not wanna come back too. There fore all in all i must say the food was ok only but it is unique hehe...3.5/5.

117 Aljunied Avenue 2 (S)380117
lat 1.32064 long 103.886976

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