Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ever heard of kolo Mee??

Interesting stuff of the week ..hehe .. Went over this stall near my place for Kolo Mee...

A look at it . It is like wantan mee. However dun be surprise that the food noodles isnt the noodles that was used in wan tan mee...Taste abt the same tho ...

Guess the stall is set up to be interesting .. This as seen in the picture is the way they package the food .. Isnt this special ..haha

BinBIn: I think the food was not bad and is like wan tan mee even tho the noodles is what they called kolo mee...Notez: thier wan tan is freid and they dun have steam make one heheh... MY sister complain it was a disaster... I think this is the case as she ate in a later timing which then the noodles might not be as nice... So dude , do not leave food lying around .. Eat it before it turn bad...3.5/5

Sarawak Kuching Laksa, Kolo Mee
Sing Li Food court
177 Macpherson Road
8am t0 2pm Mon-Fri

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