Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gabah Restaurant and Bar


Location: Jl. Bakung Sari, kuta, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Been at Indonesia doesn’t necessary mean only temple, sea or massage. There is always the food that lure us here. I have allocated some time in search of some of the best food found in Bali.

Scenery 1

Scenery 2

Gabah Restaurant and Bar is located in the heart of the tourist zone which makes it a significant restaurant to visit when we are here. When we enter the restaurant, we are greeted with quiet ambience which provides us with extra peacefulness when we dine.

Set meal for 4 Person

The most famous set meal in the restaurant is meant for four persons. Whenever this dish is served, it will be comes with a line of waitress and waiter who trumpet the set meal out from the kitchen to the table. As a customer there, you might experience this scene a multiple of times if you stay there for quite a while.
Since I came in 2, therefore it does not seem advisable for me to order the famous dish. Instead, I order a set meal which is meant for 2 persons.

RIJSTTAFEL RAMA (meat) ~ RP. 260,000 ++

This set meal come with a soup, main course and Dessert.


Soup – Soto Ayam

Main Course


Steam Rice
Main course – Ayam pelalah (shredded chicken), Ayam Panggang, bumbu Kuning,lambing mekuah(Balinese Lamb Stew),Cah Kacang panjang(Stir fried long beans), be sampi base manis (Balinese Beef stew),lurmeric rice and steam rice.


Dessert – Bubur Injin pandan (Pandan leaf flavoured sticky rice pudding)

This is one of the recommended Indonesian specialties therefore by ordering this we will be able to get to taste most of the Balinese food. Overall, this set is very good. I guess it is a must to try if you patrons the restaurant in two person.


Bokcoy & Mango

As for the drink, we ordered one glass of Immunity (Orange,Apple and watermelon) and one glass of Bokcoy & Mango (Baby bokcoy, Mango, Passion fruit syrups and pineapple juice), with both costing us RP.38,000. There is many others selection so choose fruits juices that you like.

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