Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blk 164, Stirling ROad

Went for lunch with xz on 24 sep at a hawker centre where she said that the wan tan mee there is good

We ordered extra Yun tun soup at ard $2.5 .. The Yun tun soup was considered nice with only four yun tun . With four soup , the the yun tun will be in our stomach.

The finale was still the wan tan mee.... It cost us $2.5 per bowl ... The taste was simple but extremely nice ...Think that u wont find nice wantan mee at ulu hawker centre ?? Then u are wrong cos this one is good ...

Bin Bin says: 4/5 ... QUite a good take provided u know ur way here ...

XZ: Love love love this wanton mee! It's the best I have eaten so far and I have many fond memories of it. I used to frequent this stall with my mum who is one fussy eater and even she admits this wanton mee is more than decent. An old couple runs this stall and they only cook plate by plate so it's a long wait when the lunch crowd hits. But its very worth the wait, after all I like my wanton mee soaked in this really dark, flavourful sauce. Oh and the soup is divine. They boil sugar cane in it to give that added sweetness. 5/5 (for the memories)

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