Monday, July 25, 2005

Long lost pen pal .Hehe met up with my long lost pen pal cum sec 2A monitress cum "little sister" .Hul was flipping thru past memories previously and wanted to contact all those long lost frienz as meeting up can bring back memories . ANd saw one of them on msn and surprisingly she was in singapore too so try to arrange a meeting. Arranging a meeting for 2 is simple but getting group of ppl is tough and since i am those who couldnt come up with much thing to talk so have to arrange a group meeting lorz.Hull she really busy thus making the arrangement tough but in the end was able to come up with one on that day at bedok hawker centre for 3-4 hour .Am i great at organising .hehe .SOmetime life can be full of regret. something u wanna do but u werent able to do it . Like unable to keep in contact with pri school frienz.and many more lol. Posted by Picasa

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